Europe déconfine, Latin America concerned

 L'Europe se déconfine, l'Amérique latine inquiète

 L'Europe se déconfine, l'Amérique latine inquiète

In Madrid and Barcelona, it is a huge breath of fresh air: until then always subject to a sub-the most stringent in the world in the face of the pandemic party of China in late 2019, the inhabitants of two principal cities of Spain began Monday to receive a first relief, with the reopening of the terraces and green spaces.


May 25, 2020 7h36


Europe déconfine, Latin America concerned

Laurence Boutreux

Agence France-Presse

MADRID — Spain has regained on Monday its beaches, the Italy swimming pools : Europe continues to déconfinement after weeks of paralysis due to the coronavirus, which has made more than 343 000 deaths across the planet and continues to progress, particularly in Latin America.

In Madrid and Barcelona, it is a huge breath of fresh air: until then always subject to a sub-the most stringent in the world in the face of the pandemic party of China in late 2019, the inhabitants of two principal cities of Spain began Monday to receive a first relief, with the reopening of the terraces and green spaces.

At dawn, hundreds of People stormed the Retiro park, whose doors have reopened for the first time in ten weeks.

“The reopening of the Retiro brings me a certain serenity, a certain comfort”, relishes Rosa San Jose, 50 years old, came strolling in sport outfit and with a white mask. On a large part of the Spanish coast, the beaches have also re-opened.

Other countries heavily hit by the virus, the Italy has reached a new stage in the lifting of restrictions, with the re-opening of sports halls and swimming pools, a week after the restaurants.

In Iceland, the night owls are looking forward to the night : clubs are permitted to re-open, a rare privilege in Europe. In the morning, the athletes were able to return to their gyms.

“It’s great to be able to go back, back to my routine”, then Helga Bergman, 55 years old, who could not, for anything in the world missed the re-opening of its hall favorite, the World Class Laugar to Reykjavik.

Domestic flights in India

In Greece, the terraces of taverns and cafes have reopened Monday, a week earlier than planned to support the sector of the restoration prior to a return hoped tourists in mid-June.

In the neighborhood of Thissio, at the foot of the Acropolis, the Athenians resumed their habits, enjoying their coffee “condition” of the sun. In Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, the metro has resumed service.

Everywhere, the safety distances and the gestures of the barriers are to prevent a possible second wave, feared by the world health Organization (WHO).

Japan lifted Monday a state of emergency which was still in force, in particular to Tokyo, in order to allow the restarting of the third largest economy in the world, while the number of new cases of COVID/-19 steadily decreased in the country.

In India, domestic flights have resumed Monday after a two-month ban, but a partial and in some confusion, some of them being cancelled at the last minute.

Among the conditions to be able to board : to submit to a taking of temperature and dispose of the application tracing of the government, Aarogya Setu.

Despite the precautions, the nervousness was palpable among the employees of the New Delhi airport. “Interact with so many people at this time is so risky. I had to be in contact with at least 200 people since this morning,” said an employee of the AFP.


If the pandemic appears to be under control in Europe and slowing its progression in the United States, it is increasing its ravages in Latin America, his “new epicenter” according to the WHO.

Particularly hard-hit : the Brazil, where more than 22 600 deaths have been counted. Hostile containment and gestures barriers, the president of extreme right-wing Jair Bolsonaro has not hesitated Sunday to take a bath of crowd in Brasilia, dropping the mask, shaking hands and even wearing a child on his shoulders.

In the Face of this degradation, the us president, Donald Trump, yet an ally of Mr. Bolsonaro, has banned Sunday the entry into the United States to travellers non-americans arriving from Brazil.

While the $ 100 000 deaths must be reached this week in the United States, the country most grief-stricken of the world, flags have been flown at half-mast for three days.

The déconfinement continues, however, across the country and with the desire to revive the economy. New Yorkers have been able to rediscover the beach Sunday.

But in Mexico, the president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador warned that the country was “at the time of the most painful of the pandemic”. It has been estimated that the crisis would result in the loss of a million jobs in his country by 2020.

In Chile, president Sebastian Piñera has ruled that the country’s health system was saturated and very close to the limit”.

Social isolation

Peru has extended the containment up to June 30. In Argentina, the social isolation required has been extended until June 7, so that the contaminations have been multiplied by five in Buenos Aires in two weeks.

In Germany, conversely, most of the restaurants were able to reopen on Monday, as some hotels.

The United Kingdom has confirmed Sunday its plan déconfinement progressive, with a partial reopening of the schools on the 1st of June.

The british prime minister Boris Johnson has decided on Sunday to maintain his position as his special adviser Dominic Cummings, at the heart of a political storm for violating the containment by going at the end of march at his parents ‘ 400 miles from London, so that he feared he might be suffering from the COVID-19.

The consequences of the pandemic continue to take up the tension between China, where the disease first appeared in Wuhan, and the United States, who accuse him of having been negligent and to have caused, in the words of Donald Trump, “a slaughter mass of the world.”

The Beijing authorities provide, they have been transparent.

The chinese foreign minister, Wang Yi, said that the two countries already at loggerheads for the past two years due to their commercial war, were “on the brink of a new cold War”.

“In addition to the devastation caused by the new coronavirus, a virus policy is spreading in the United States,” said the head of china’s public diplomacy. With Philippe SCHWAB in Paris and the offices of the AFP in the world

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