Europe preparing a joint defense Fund for the production of weapons

 Европа готовит совместный оборонный фонд для производства оружия

The EU plan to organize a pan-European defensive Fund that will support research and production of weapons on the territory of the European Union.

The relevant draft prepared by the European parliamentarians. It is expected that the Fund will allocate 13 billion euros. 4 of them must go to co-Finance research in 2021-2027 years, and another 9 billion for the development of production, writes the Polish radio. The zdzisław Krasnodebski, who is the Rapporteur of the European Parliament in this matter, noted that the project aims to integrate the defense industry in Europe. He outlined the objectives of the programme:

  • reduce dependence of EU countries on imports of weapons technology
  • the increase in joint activities between States, as a condition of funding is the cooperation of at least 3 entities from 3 EU member States.

According to him, there are also exceptions for the UK. It will provide funds for joint projects even after its exit from the EU. Are also considered and possible investments of the United States. The European Parliament should speak on this issue for several months.

Earlier it was reported that EU countries agreed to form the joint armed forces of rapid response.