Europe softens with caution its containment

L'Europe assouplit avec prudence ses mesures de confinement

L'Europe assouplit avec prudence ses mesures de confinement

The mask of protection becomes as of Monday mandatory in places and public transport in France.


May 10, 2020 14h47

Updated at 22h34


Europe softens with caution its containment


Agence France-Presse

PARIS — little by Little, the Europeans are re-engaging with their life before. Has already begun in several countries, the easing of containment aimed to stop the pandemic of COVID-19 extends Monday to France or to Belgium, but with caution given the risk of a second wave of contagion.


After two months of closure, hair salons, fashion boutiques, florists or libraries re-open on Monday. Bars, restaurants, theatres and cinemas will keep doors closed.

Director of a bookshop in Paris, Marie-Rose Guarnieri has planned a wink, putting in front the book It is necessary to live dangerously – Friedrich Nietzsche.

Theoretically reopened, primary schools do not welcome a minority of students, according to the space available.

It will be necessary to take out more often hidden, especially in transport. And the strict rules of the “distancing” will be applied to the workplace as well as in stores.

We will not be obliged to justify his comings and goings, but travel more than 100 miles from home remain restricted and controlled.


Most of the shops re-open on Monday, provided they adhere to the social distancing. Wearing a mask is strongly advised. The “places festive”, cafes, restaurants, bars, remain closed.

In the centre of Brussels, the speed will be limited to 20km/h and the priority given to cyclists and pedestrians.

Sunday, the day of the feast of Mothers in Belgium, each family was allowed to sleep up to four guests.

Schools will re-open from the 18 of may.


Partial reopening Monday, primary schools and nurseries. Recovery of activity for the self-schools, hair salons, physios and libraries with the rules of distancing.


Closed since mid-march, schools and colleges reopened on Monday, with classes in the workforce often reduced.

Restaurants, museums, and libraries also reproduce while respecting specific conditions.

Gatherings of more than five people remain theoretically prohibited.


New stage of the plan déconfinement expected until the end of June: half of the approximately 47 million Spaniards will on Monday organize family reunions or friendly get-togethers limited to ten people. Terraces of bars and restaurants will re-open with a reduced capacity.

These provisions do not relate either to Madrid or Barcelona, whose regions are the most affected by the epidemic that has made more than 26 000 deaths in the country. The club FC Barcelona has, however, resumed training on Friday and its rival Real Madrid will follow on Monday.

Travel is only within provinces are allowed. Cinemas and theatres remain closed. The schools will resume in September.

United Kingdom

“This is not the time, this week, to put an end to containment,” said Sunday night the prime minister Boris Johnson in a nationally televised address. The British will have to wait until at least 1 June, the date on which shops and primary schools would reopen gradually.

The reopening of some bars and restaurants would be for the beginning of July.

In addition, the government intends to “soon” to establish a quarantine for people coming in by air in the United Kingdom is the second largest in mourning (more than 31 000 deaths), after the United States.


If the schools will remain closed until September, factories, construction sites and offices have re-opened their doors since may 4. The rules of distancing remain in effect, including in the parks, rendered to the public, and the port of the mask is mandatory in the transport.

In Rome, many families have invested in this end-of-semane, the place Cavour, not far from the Vatican.

All of the retail stores will re-open on the 18th of may, as well as museums, cultural venues, churches and libraries. Already allowed to sell take-away food, bars and restaurants will re-open fully from June 1, the same as beauty salons or hairdressing.

Vigilance remains, especially in Milan, the epicentre of the epidemic.


In the region of the Mecklenburg (North), the first cafes and restaurants have re-opened Saturday. The other Länder (regional States) will follow in the days and weeks ahead.

If mask use and social distancing are needed, most of the stores less than 800 square meters have been reopened as of April 20. The stylists have lifted the curtain, as places of worship, museums, memorials, zoos, playgrounds. The schools were resumed on 4 may in some Länder.

The big rallies will remain banned at least until 31 August.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and the regions have agreed upon a mechanism for reconfinement at the local level in the event of a surge in the number of infections.


Hairdressers, tennis and golf courses have reopened for the first weekend of may.

The travel restrictions are lifted, the gatherings are allowed for up to 10 people, with respect to social distancing. Wearing a mask is mandatory in the transport and shops.

On 4 may, the students returned to the school before start of school will be progressive for the other.

The restaurants are expected to open on the 15th.


Hotels may resume their activities from Monday, but foreign tourists are subjected to a quarantine of two weeks to their arrival. A disaster for the sector, which calls for the opening of the borders.

Allowed to re-open since may 6, most of the crèches and kindergartens are still closed.

The nordic countries

The shopping centres re-opened on Monday in Denmark, the first european country to have eased its restrictions with the resumption of school on April 15.

May 18, back at school, junior high school students, reopening of cafés, restaurants, and places of worship, provided they adhere to the social distancing.

Norway, where the schools were teaching the 6-10-year since April 27, reopens all of its classes on Monday with the rules of hygiene and distancing. Ditto for the driving schools. Bars and leisure parks will have to wait until the 1st of June.

In Iceland, universities, museums and hair salons have reopened on may 4.

In Finland, the teaching will resume his duties on 14 may, two weeks before the start of the summer holidays.


In Croatia, terraces, bars and restaurants raises the curtain on Monday. The rallies will now be allowed up to 10 people, and kindergartens and schools will resume on voluntary basis.

In Serbia, the nursery schools cater for children from Monday. The shopping centers were reopened on may 8, cafés and restaurants 4.


After the bookstore or hairdressers, open since the 4th of may, the store reopened Monday. The shopping malls remain closed until the 1st of June.

Many Greeks took advantage of their first weekend of freedom to enjoy the sun on the beaches closest to Athens.

The Acropolis and all the archaeological sites will re-open on the 18th of may, before the museums on 15 June.

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