European users of Facebook have reported large-scale failure

Европейские пользователи Facebook сообщили о масштабном сбое

In the social network Facebook was a large-scale failure that was observed in virtually all European countries. In Ukraine it has faced in Kiev and obltsentrov.

Европейские пользователи Facebook сообщили о масштабном сбое

This is evidenced by the data service Downdetector. Users have complained that Facebook throws them out of their accounts and again can not login. Most complaints comes from the territory of Western Europe: France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK. In Ukraine, most of the victims in Kiev, Kharkov and Onward.

Recall, September 21, users of Facebook have encountered problems with sign in. 31% of users said the lack of full access to the site, and another 16% said the failure of mobile apps. And the failure of the messenger Telegram occurred on March 29, allowed cyber criminals to earn thousands of dollars. It was also reported about the global failure of WhatsApp.