Eva Longoria spoke about the self-esteem after giving birth

Ева Лонгория рассказала о самооценке после родов

About their body and weight after giving birth, the famous actress Eva Longoria has no prejudices.

Eva admitted that her self-esteem hasn’t dropped, though the actress gained a few extra pounds.

“I do not succumb to any pressure from outside. Therefore, if all the people around would advise me to hurry losing weight, I would not respond to it,” says the actress.

“I had some amazing examples in my life – my mother, my sisters, who really taught me the value themselves from an early age. In the family I have a strong woman, so my self-esteem fell,” says the actress.

“I really dedicated time to my body is used to the post-Natal period. I do not demand from yourself too much,” admits eve, reports kinoafisha.ua.