Every third from COVID-19 no symptoms

У каждого третьего с COVID-19 нет симптомов

Every third tested positive for coronavirus infection was taken from patients who did not have symptoms. Chinese doctors call them “silent carriers”.

Chinese newspaper South China Morning Post, citing secret archives of the government of China reported that the true scale and the true number of so-called “silent carriers” coronavirus infection is much higher than was previously assumed.

In particular, one in three people with COVID-19 showed no symptoms. You can guess how many in reality those who have these tests are not performed. If the person does not show symptoms of the infection and do not come into contact with sick people, analysis had not conducted the number of tests is limited.

By the end of February in China positive tests for COVID-19 was detected in 43 000 people, who had no symptoms and quarantined. In the official statistics they were not included, and it is still 81 000 cases. This discovery may have a significant impact on the strategy that is now used States for curbing the epidemic of the coronavirus.

Scientists have not yet developed a consensus about the role played in the spread of the disease, asymptomatic carriers, and how they are contagious. Someone says something that is contagious, and someone insists that infection occurs after coughing and sneezing, that is, at the stage of the disease. Healthy people, therefore the virus does not spread.

An increasing number of scientific minds questioning the approval of the world health organization that asymptomatic transmission occurs “extremely rare.” Who made this assessment, it is estimated that in China this kind of infection identified no more than 1% of cases.


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