Everyone has their own “cockroaches”: the worst traits of each Zodiac sign

У каждого свой "таракан": худшие черты характера каждого знака Зодиака

Each Zodiac Sign has its own special set of personal disadvantages, which need to know, then to not cry into my pillow out of frustration with the words: “Well, who would have thought that would happen, because at first he was so sweet…” writes adfave.

Quick-tempered and complacent Aries
If you met on the way of Aries, which at full speed flying through life, be prepared for the fact that this man could knock you off your feet, expressing everything directly in the forehead. He reeks of power, inflated ego and complacency. No luck and the one who crossed him: insolent suddenly experiencing all the delights that can give an angry Aries. There will be a lot of action and tears. At the very same RAM will be fine. In real life this Sign is reminiscent of a natural disaster that will not stop neither time nor distance nor a concrete bunker. Achieving goals — be it a person, machine, rising — Aries loses interest and scampers away to look for adventure on his loin, and finding them, again stepping on the same rake.

Wealthy and stubborn Taurus
Your Taurus friend will be nice, sleepy and fluffy, exactly to the moment until you hurt its interests. Further events will develop so rapidly that you do not understand how it happened that my dear and charming man turned into an angry Buffalo. And if Taurus decided something, then move it will not work even with the help of tower crane. Besides, the Bulls are a terrible materialistic and love money.

Fickle and lazy Gemini
The reputation of the most talkative sign of the Zodiac Gemini had no chance to plug the ruptured carotid artery is much easier than razgovarivaet Twin. This fountain of words inexhaustible. Gemini if specially created in order to generate ideas and spread rumors that they sincerely believe to be true. In my head they are most often going mess today they say one thing, tomorrow is another, important thing for them is information exchange. Gemini — a fantastic lazy, save them in this world, only natural abayei the ability to talk about anything, which is great, by the way monetized and helps to glide through life, without delving into it deeply.

Nervous, touchy and shy Cancer
Cancers are the real originals. They can death be offended by accidentally thrown them to the address of the word, but missed something really offensive. So to understand, that offended a Cancer, almost impossible. Can read Tarot cards, tea leaves, rubbing the magic ball — the result is the same, poke your finger into the sky. Mood Cancer changing every minute. Figuratively speaking, you can go to bed one person and Wake up another. Besides Cancers cowardly, therefore, sincerely believe that everything around just doing what they are being bullied. That is why at the first opportunity, they cold-bloodedly take revenge on his assailant, even if he suspects that I have offended Cancer.

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Imperious and self-absorbed Leo
Anyone who meets a Lion, it usually becomes them fascinated. Attention! This — demo: at a distance of warm, and if you try to get closer — burn it to the ground. Familiar words: despot, abuser, the ruler? So it’s about lions. A favorite pastime is to enjoy themselves and to give orders. Lifestyle — to be the center of attention. A sort of overbearing zealots of his own “I”, whose immaturity and selfishness overrides the desire to subordinate the power of the people. To say that Leo pulls the blanket over himself — to remain silent. Paired with bright and bold Lion, recognizing his leading role, you will communicate with those who allowed the lion to go where he wanted, and generally live his life.
Petty and cynical spinster
Those who believe that virgins are harmless, meek and charming, Oh so wrong. That’s cheating! This modest Daisy easily shave with any, who by their negligence they crossed her. Virgo is restless, fussy, materialistic, prone to constant analysis and subjective opinions of a cynic and a bigot. Members of this Sign fall into depression or anxiety for any reason. Their super-ability — completely not notice their mistakes. But they love to point out the mistakes of others, selflessly and free of charge to correct someone else’s behavior stinging criticism, to teach life and give advice, not ask.

Capricious and self-centered Libra
Libra gentle, romantic and attentive, but only with outsiders. Should you get to know them once outside climb stubbornness, whims, tantrums, mood swings, selfishness, obsession with themselves and their goals. In the end, you may find that your head stuck in a beehive. Besides the Scales and even Mercantile. However, we have to give them credit: they have their own code of honor that they don’t break again promised to do something, will do, with clenched teeth, with a false smile on his face, using “can’t/don’t want”, but I will. The purpose of life is to marry myself.

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Secretive and vengeful Scorpio
Skorpionovskim soul is a bottomless sea, in toxic waste. I will try to dive — disappear forever. The head of the Scorpions overwhelmed obsessive thoughts, ideas and fears. The most mystical and darkest Sign of the Zodiac. To describe Scorpio in a nutshell — a sort of energy vampire, feeding his pride by the humiliation of others. Scorpions is irrational, see life only in black and white and in rare cases are willing to compromise. Refuse to maintain relations with those who have not agreed to submit to their control. Argue with him, and he will flood you with words that you will request that you hit. Do not share their point of view, waiting for revenge or terrible revenge.

Tactless Sagittarius
Sagittarius is the fire, the heat which seems so affectionate and delightful, but only from afar. Come a little closer — and this fire will shoot claims. Sagittarius is a hunter of idle way of life and easy money. A predator among the Signs of the Zodiac, which loud-mouthed, tactless stomping through life, often on their heads. The Archer manages Jupiter, who gives his players restless nature, impudence and extravagance. All the Archers, both men and women, believe that they know everything about life. They are disappointed with the cruelty and lies that reign in this world, so try to devote your time to educating others. They laugh and simper problems in the face, but behind the mask “shirt-guy” hidden repressed aggression, and even some. Because of this restrained fury Archers can become serial killers, however, rarely reach a frenzy, preferring physical aggression moral violence.

Pessimistic and immoral Capricorn
Capricorn is designed to always prepare for something epochal and global in their lives. They are even going to work with that look like he’s going to take a fortress by storm. Capricorns are often dissatisfied with their lives: they either hurried to be born, either late or confused era. Materialists and pessimists, Ibex many of the questions are naive, like children. Communicating with the representative of this Sign, you will have to deal with pompous careerist, who planned his whole life ahead and is ready to gnaw his way. Capricorns are not living — they move to the goal. These actors were born with maniacal quest to be the first in your herd. Representations of Capricorn on the Olympus of success completely devoid of objectivity, which they don’t have the patience to follow all my plans.

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Unpredictable and gambling Aquarius
Representatives of this Sign are real aliens, after which the air is saturated with electricity and unpredictability. You never know when a storm is coming, but will break it with such force that it will blow your familiar world. Almost every Aquarian has a “fad”. Someone recklessly is on the trail of UFOs, someone takes their own formula of money, someone gets the idea fix, but burns out quickly. To make confusion and chaos — the true calling of Aquarius. Friends and loved ones they choose from among like-minded people. Circle of friends — these are the same enthusiasts who chase the future, instead live a real life. But love the ship Aquarius often breaks about life. The only consolation is the children who will continue their business and someday you’ll find the treasures of an ancient civilization in an abandoned reservoir.

Disorganized, dreamy and helpless Fish
Let’s be honest: Pisces personality free, so feel free to refer to the norms of morality. They never know they had sailed or still continue to swim against the current to its target, knocking everything in the way of a tsunami wave. Most often they run away from life, because it’s the dreamers, which, moreover, gullible, unorganized, confused and helpless. Pisces are ruled by Neptune — God of illusions, which gives his players of naivety and a tendency to run away from problems. In life these people go ahead, armed with a narrow gaze and his eyes half closed curtains. Every action they evaluate through the prism of their prejudices, which is broken into pieces any truth. Pisces is a champion among losers, but to give them credit: strong intuition allows you to instantly “read” the situation and make the right moves. Fortunately, these Fish are not many, otherwise they would have long ago enslaved the world with her magnetism and charm.

The main thing in life is to learn to accept your flaws, but don’t be afraid to work on them. This article should help you clearly and with humor to look at their own life, their failures and not blame others for their problems. Take your weaknesses means to take responsibility for their own lives, to become the architect of his own fortune, the master of his own destiny.