Expected to save the season, Tenet will not come out this summer

Attendu pour sauver la saison, Tenet ne sortira pas cet été

Attendu pour sauver la saison, Tenet ne sortira pas cet été

Elizabeth Debicki and John David Washington in Tenet. The release of the new film of Christopher Nolan has been postponed <em>sine die</em>.


20 July 2020 14: 37


Expected to save the season, Tenet will not come out this summer

Agence France-Presse

NEW YORK — The release of the new film by Christopher Nolan, Tenet, has been postponed sine die, announced on Monday the president of studio Warner Bros, bad news for the exhibitors who hoped to save their season with this blockbuster is very much expected.

“The pandemic continues to proliferate, which leads us to revise our release dates,” explained Toby Emmerlich, in a statement sent to the AFP, ensuring that a new date would be announced as “imminent”.

The process of progressive reopening of rooms has been interrupted in recent weeks due to the acceleration of the pandemic in several States of the United States as well as in other countries of the world.

Even in the halls were re-opened, the public does not press, because many viewers are still reluctant to the idea of going to the cinema so that there is neither a treatment nor a vaccine available against the COVID-19.

Warner Bros had already played the watch by pushing a first time the output from 17 to 31 July, and a second, August 12, before you throw in the towel for this summer.

“We do not consider Tenet as an exit traditional with a day and a date, which will be reflected in our distribution strategy and promotion,” said Toby Emmerlich.

At the end of June, a spokesperson for Warner Bros (a subsidiary of the cable operator, AT&T) had explained that the film could go out on a Wednesday instead of a Friday, traditional day of output in the United States.

It was also a question of offering the film a duration of life far superior to windows usual, she had said.

Espionage Film incorporating supernatural elements, Tenet is in line with the works of Christopher Nolan, whose film the spectacular and innovative design has made it one of the filmmakers of the most popular in the world.

From Memento to Dunkirk, passing through the Batman trilogy, the director has created a universe that attracts the public.

With a colossal budget of$ 205 Million, according to several u.s. media, the Tenet is for the main actor John David Washington, the son of actor Denzel Washington.

The president of Warner Bros also announced on Monday the postponement of the release of the horror film The conjuring 3: under the influence of the devil, from 10 September to 4 June 2021.

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