Experts called dangerous side effect of paracetamol

Специалисты назвали опасный побочный эффект парацетамола

Paracetamol along with ibuprofen, the doctors recommended for the treatment of coronavirus. However, this drug has side effects – he has the ability to reduce blood pressure.

This was stated by scientists from Copenhagen. They said that this happens only in cases when paracetamol is administered to the patient intravenously. Then the pressure may temporarily drop to 30 mm Hg.St. Doctors attribute this to the fact that the metabolism of intravenous administration of the drug occurs through the liver, as happens in the case of pills, and otherwise.

Doctors say that healthy people can take paracetamol to reduce fever safely. It is important not to exceed the dose.

As it became known, experts have conducted an experiment with laboratory mice, aiming to eliminate the side effect of the drug. This occurred by blocking potassium channels, which regulate the function of blood vessels.


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