Experts have told how cats can protect children from asthma

Специалисты рассказали, как кошки могут защитить детей от астмы

Scientists from the specialized center of research childhood asthma in Copenhagen (COPSAC) conducted a study, which said that cats can protect a child under the age of 5 years from asthma. We are talking about kids who were born with the TT genotype could increase susceptibility to disorder in the work of the pulmonary system.

Often parents mistakenly believe that Pets are the provokers of allergies in children and lead to asthma. Scientists have proved that on the contrary, the sooner the child will learn with this type of allergen, the higher the probability that the occurrence of asthma he will avoid. According to experts, the early exposure to cat allergens makes the immune system of the child’s body to become more active in the beginning of development, writes

According to scientists, dogs are not given such actions on the health of babies. Fails to achieve a similar effect in adults. According to scientists, the fact that immunity with age has already been formed, and if you fail to cope with allergies at first, the disease will remain forever. The scientists intend to continue the study, because at this stage it is not clear why cats can be so effective.

Meanwhile, earlier scientists were sure that has put an end to the eternal debate between cats and dogs.

Photo by Alexandra Butylki (archive FOTOmedia)