Experts: Health benefits from vitamins be zero

Эксперты: Оздоровительный эффект от витаминов оказался равен нулю

Taking a daily multivitamin does not protect against cardiovascular disease. Health benefits from vitamins and mineral supplements were equal to zero, shows a new study the American heart Association.

The researchers analyzed health information from more than two million patients who took supplements at least three vitamins and minerals, but refused medical herbs, hormones and drugs. It turned out that these means does not lower the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and premature death, reports

People often perceive vitamins as part of a healthy lifestyle and rest assured that their body receives enough nutrients to complete the work. According to research, taking multivitamins about a third of Americans. However, according to doctors, nutrients are best obtained from food than through pills.

Regarding cardiovascular disease, then the best prevention is to maintain normal blood pressure and osroene cholesterol, exercise, not overweight, limit alcohol consumption and not Smoking.