Experts said that coconut oil is harmful to health

Эксперты заявили, что кокосовое масло вредит здоровью

Coconut oil is one of the worst products you can choose – to such conclusion came the Harvard Professor Karin Michels.

Reports according to her, butter is 80% saturated fat, two times more than in pork fat, and 60% more than beef fat. The product increases the content of “bad cholesterol” in the body and, thus, the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Note that coconut oil has become very popular in many countries of the West. In the UK alone its sales grew by 16 times over the past four years. It can also be purchased in Russia.

Oil call very useful, but not all nutritionists agree with this. In 2017, the American heart Association recommended to abandon this product because of the high fat content.

Michels also noted that the use of so-called “Superfoods” are greatly exaggerated. These include exotic dishes like acai, Chia seeds and quinoa. It is believed that they are saturated in nutrients and therefore very useful for the body. In fact, a grain of truth in this, but, according to experts, it is possible to obtain with conventional food. Provided, of course, a balanced diet.