Experts: Tendency to obesity associated with a brain structure

Эксперты: Склонность к ожирению связана со структурой мозга

The causes of obesity lie in the brain – to such conclusion the canadian scientists. Recent research has shown that propensity for weight gain is genetically related to the structure of the brain and mental abilities.

Reports the staff of the Montreal neurological Institute have studied the 1200 volunteers in the MRI machine.

It turned out that participants with high BMI (body mass index) showed the worst cognitive ability, visual-spatial perception and verbal memory. Also they have recorded a thickening of the left prefrontal cortex of the brain and thinning of the right. Earlier studies indicate that damage to right prefrontal cortex may lead to food disorders.

The scan showed other changes in people with excess weight – in the amygdala of the brain, in the entorhinal cortex, hippocampus. Scientists came to the conclusion that because of them people are sensitive to food and to be less susceptible to possible negative effects (particularly weight gain).

Many participants in the study were siblings, some twins. This has helped experts better understand the role of heredity in the development of obesity.

They concluded that feeding behavior is controlled by the parts of the brain higher levels who participate in the process of learning, decision-making, motivation. In other words, cognitive, and neurological features were associated with obesity.

“Individual differences in brain systems that regulate food intake, seem to be moderately heritable,” said author Dr. Alain Daguerre.

Experts have suggested that cognitive training for change neurobehavioral factors can help people maintain normal body weight, even if they are prone to the recruitment of extra pounds.