Facebook forced to reveal the Russian administrators of the Ukrainian sites

Facebook заставил раскрыться российских администраторов украинских сайтов

Facebook заставил раскрыться российских администраторов украинских сайтов

Social network Facebook has introduced rules according to which the people running the page should publish in the “Information and advertising” data about your main country of residence. The result was that the moderators of many Ukrainian political pages sit “behind the curb”.

According to Gizmodo, the new rules for admins of popular pages in the US was introduced last year. To obtain authorization, the administrator of the page should confirm your location with the geolocation of the mobile device. In some cases, the company may also require a photo of the passport administrator. In Ukraine, the innovation allowed users to establish that the number of Ukrainian pages administreres from Russia.

FB started to mark Russian page.We are waiting for a wonderful opening when pressing the button “info” on many a Patriotic Ukrainian pages.Guys, noticed I did not, and Natalia Zubar on Twitter.

Geplaatst door Natasha Belova op Maandag 14 januari 2019

Earlier it was reported that Facebook has tightened its rules on political advertising, the Commission criticized the company Facebook in connection with the new information about the leak of user data to a Cambridge Analytica.