Fam : Nina Dobrev explains how Rachel from Friends inspired his character

After being shown in The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev back on the small screen in a new series called Fam ! She is also inspired by Rachel from Friends for his character.

Nina Dobrev has decided to mark a turning point in his career. While the first episode of Fam was broadcast this week on CBS, fans were immediately won over by this series. The actress interprets Clem, a city in which the project of a future perfect with her fianc? Nick is upset by the unexpected arrival of his half-sister that is going to cause chaos in his life. Nina Dobrev has decided to change the registry and explained to TVLine why she chose the role : “The reason why I accepted when the opportunity is presented, is that it was so different from anything I had done before. It was also scary, which made me only want to do it more. All that puts me to the challenge and makes me scared is exciting. The lines of laughter on my face become deeper and deeper, and I could not be more happy about it.”.

Fam : Nina Dobrev explique comment Rachel de Friends a inspir? son personnage

Change of role…

To interpret the best new character in Fam, Nina Dobrev went to the filming of other comedies CBS as The Big Bang Theory and Mom for inspiration. She added : “I’ve grown up so much. I was terrified when we filmed the first episode, but as the season progressed, I felt a lot more comfortable and I really started to understand who was Clem. It evolves a lot as the season progresses. If you like the pilot, the series will only improve from there.”. Nina Dobrev also explained that a part of the continuing evolution of Clem is “its spirit and its aesthetics” for which she was inspired by the character of Jennifer Aniston in Friends. It added : “We told the stylist that we wanted the look to be effortless, a little like Rachel.”. One thing is for sure, it is that this new series looks promising, and should we eyeful. Waiting for a new episode, check out Paul Wesley, suprising Nina Dobrev on the set of Fam.