Fam : Season Premiere, that is the new series of Nina Dobrev ? Our verdict

Nina Dobrev is back on television in the comedy Fam ! But what is this new series with the star of The Vampire Diaries ? Check out our verdict !

We expected to find the television with impatience ! Last night, Nina Dobrev, the star of The Vampire Diaries, was finally back in the comedy Fam CBS. The actress, who just celebrated his 30-year changes of register, playing the main role in a comedy. She held the bet coming back in a show completely different from the one who has made known to the general public ? What is this new sitcom ? The beginning of melty will reveal to you without further delay its verdict. If Fam is a comedy series with lots of gags and jokes, there are also a lot of drama and twists and turns. The pilot opens on a couple who have just become engaged and who seems to live on a little cloud except… secrets come to shake things up. Nick had to start with no idea of the relationship between his girlfriend, Clem, with his half-sister, Shannon. If the character Nina Dobrev is as the young woman perfect not so perfect that it, the Odessa Adlon a teenage rebel like you see a lot on tv.

Fam : Season Premiere, que vaut la nouvelle s?rie de Nina Dobrev ? Notre verdict

Nina Dobrev exchange of registry with the Fam

Nick did not know that the father of Clem was still alive, what he learned when Freddy showed up unexpectedly at his parents ‘ apartment for dinner. If the twists were well thought out and funny enough, one wonders, however, if Fam is not going to recover quickly limited in its storylines. In addition, the storylines are not really surprising, they are a little boat, it was a feeling of d?j? vu. The series even seems to be inspired by other sitcoms to the success of Friends , passing by My Family’s First or even What I like about you. Fam does not really distinguish themselves, but for the moment, the series remains entertaining, and that may be enough. The casting is the strength of this new show. Nina Dobrev brings a lot of energy, Odessa Adlon is particularly compelling, while Sheryl Lee Ralph and Brian Stokes Mitchell, who embody the parents of Nick, all demonstrate their talents , and are quick to deceive us. If the episode 1 of Fam is not a blow to the heart, it is expected, however, to see what the next episodes have in store for us. This could be a good surprise !