Famous Ukrainian band played the dream child

Известная украинская группа исполнила мечту ребенка

The team of “Vikna-Novyny” on the STB decided to make the dream of Ukrainian children. Employees of the TV channel turned into helpers of St. Nicholas and produced gifts for children.

The heroine of the first series of cycle stories “Perhaps all” became a 16-year-old Katya Gavrilova of Incense in Chernihiv region. She is an orphan who, in spite of all the blows of fate, believe in the fairy tale and the dream. Kate lost her parents when she was only 7 years old. First my mother died, and then became a father.

Kate is studying in the 11th grade at the “excellent” and wants to go to a prestigious University on a budget. Educated by her grandparents.

— Since childhood I love to listen to music. Especially Ukrainian performers. Now I like the group KAZKA. I would really like to personally see them and take pictures — admitted Kate.

The dream girl took the reporter Iryna Storozhenko. She handed the young heroine of the ticket to the live “X-factor”, where the planned performance of star guests. To girls was a real joy to be in the hall and listen hit favorite band, “Crying”. However, that’s going to happen next, she didn’t even know.

The band KAZKA agreed to meet personally with Katya behind the scenes of the show. Vocalist Sasha wished the girl the most important thing is never to lose faith, writes glamur.org.