Fans in the schools: Québec adjusts the shooting

Ventilateurs dans les écoles: Québec ajuste le tir

Ventilateurs dans les écoles: Québec ajuste le tir


May 27, 2020

Updated may 28, 2020 to 0h02


Fans in the schools: Québec adjusts the shooting


The Canadian Press

The fans are finally allowed in the schools, temporarily, and to a number of conditions.

On Wednesday, the deputy minister for Education, Eric Blackburn, sent a letter to the directors general of school boards, as well as to private institutions, to address the issue of the heat.

By the end of the school year, the hot days may be more frequent, he recognized immediately.

“Be aware that the level of risk associated with the use of fans and air conditioners portable appears low in the middle school according to the public health,” he said.

This point occurs approximately one hour after the autonomous Federation of teachers (FAE) had sounded the alarm.

Situation “hellish”

In an interview Wednesday morning, its president Sylvain Mallette argued that the students and the school staff were in a situation “hellish” in the midst of a heat wave, then they were not allowed to use fans.

The Tuesday was particularly difficult, he reported. Some schools old were not even able to open the windows, according to him.

According to Mr. Mallette, the public health was explained when back in class that the fans could contribute to the spread of the COVID-19 by dispersing in the air the droplets expectorées.

On Wednesday, Mr. Blackburn informed the school board that they can now “use fans or air conditioning units (portable, window, split, avoiding to direct the flow of outgoing air to the faces of the children and the teacher”.

However, he warned that “when the period of extreme heat will be over, it will be necessary to re-implement the application of the recommendations concerning the ventilation, is a ventilation (air renewal) in continuous environments if possible and if the weather allows”.

The deputy minister has also invited the schools to:

– plan outdoor activities before 10 am;

– encourage children to drink often;

– keep the windows and doors open up at 10am;

– close the curtains when the sun shines;

– ventilate the area if possible when the night is fresh;

– ensure an intake of new air at least three times per day, between 15 and 20 minutes.

According to The Law, in the Outaouais region, all the schools of the school boards in the Heart of the Valleys and Western Quebec are closed on Wednesday due to the heat wave.

One expects in this region that the temperatures felt close to 40 degrees Celsius.

Heat in NURSING homes: “we are playing with the life of the world”, accusing QS

In addition, the heat in NURSING homes continues to be a concern at the highest point the opposition parties, who have returned to the charge Wednesday.

Québec solidaire (QS) has accused the government Legault of not having “done nothing” in anticipation of the first heat waves. “It is serious because you are playing with the life of the world”, said the mp QS Vincent Marissal.

“These people are living in conditions of miserable. And, in addition, we will die of heat because someone, somewhere, has not on that the summer was going to come back,” he protested.

The spokesperson for the Parti québécois (PQ) for seniors and caregivers, Harold LeBel, condemned the “dire situations” in NURSING homes.

He recalled that only one room out of four in NURSING homes is air-conditioned.

Mr. LeBel has called on the minister responsible for Seniors, Marguerite Blais, to “do his job” and to appoint a manager to the folder.

Why the minister has not anticipated the problem? asked the liberal mp André Fortin. Ms. Blais is defended in the Room, saying that she had to wait for the approval of the public health.

Quebec was asked on Tuesday to the NURSING homes to buy or rent air conditioners. It was not clear before that date if the coronavirus was spreading in ventilation, has supported Ms. Blais.

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