Fantastic Animals 2 : Grindelwald (Johnny Depp) will be there in the suite of the franchise ?

If Newt Scamander comes to defeat Grindelwald in Fantastic beasts 2, what will happen to the character of Johnny Depp in the sequel ? He responds.

Everything is in the title : Grindelwald is at the centre of the second pane of the new franchise signed J. K Rowling. And as Voldemort was to Harry Potter, the evil man must be at the same height. A load that does not seem to scare Johnny Depp. His character is caught at the end of the first film, but escapes from prison at the beginning of the suite (sorry for the spoiler OBVIOUS) ! Neither one, nor two Dumbledore, who will share a scene sensual with Grindelwald, sends Newt Scamander in a quest to find it. Will he pay for his crimes of his life this time ? The star of Pirates Of the Caribbean comes to reveal the incredible freedom that the author has given him with the character and what comes after The Fantastic Animals 2 : “She said something that I didn’t expect to hear : “I’m anxious to see what you do with the character.” I was really impressed, blown away even, it will give me total confidence. Then I dived into the complexity of the character, I had my ideas and everything is put in place”.

Les Animaux Fantastiques 2 :  Grindelwald (Johnny Depp) sera-t-il dans la suite de la franchise ?

Grindelwald is a character exciting. In his mind, it is for the greater good, and a lot of politicians think the same way. He is very attached to his beliefs. This is not a fun character, it is not funny. But it was captivating to read and I look forward to the next shoot, I think we will start in the middle of next year”. And paf, as if nothing had happened, Johnny Depp confirms to us that this is not this second installment, which will see Grindelwald succumb. But you never know, everything could change in your minds the 14 November… also big news : The world premiere of the film Fantastic Animals – The Crimes of Grindelwald will take place in Paris ! You will be able to fulfill your dream and meet the actors at the UGC Ciné Cité Bercy. For information on how to participate in this exceptional event in the presence of the cast of the film, we’ll see you on the page Facebook official of Fantastic Animals – The Crimes of Grindelwald !