Fantastic Animals 2 : The death of SPOILER makes it Norbert, and Theseus Dragon untouchable ?

This key figure might have well have left a large inheritance to brothers of the Dragon, but be careful, this article contains SPOILERS !

There’s one thing that we can’t blame the Fantastic Animals 2, it is the missed action and surprises ! If the film has left many clues on the next chapter of the adventures of Norbert Dragon, it also leaves a lot of questions without answers. It is here, that will involve SPOILERS, so be careful not to continue reading if you are allergic to it ! One of the big twists of the film revolves around the sacrifice of Leta Lestrange to save the two brothers Dragon a Grindelwald uncontrollable. All out of love, even if J. K Rowling was smart enough by writing the script in order not to reveal which of the two it is launching an “I love you”. But more important, this kind of “sacrifice for love” do you recall it not something ?

Les Animaux Fantastiques 2 : La mort de SPOILER rend t-elle Norbert et Thésée Dragonneau intouchables ?

Yes, if you are as responsive as this user of Reddit, you’ve probably thought about the sacrifice of Lily Potter, who has allowed his son Harry to survive the spell Avada Kedavra, cast by Voldemort. Love is a form of very potent magic in the universe of J. K Rowling and the ultimate sacrifice of Leta is certainly not trivial. Then as Lily, Leta would have surrounded the two brothers Dragon charm of protection, making them virtually untouchable ? If one believes the logic of the author, it is very likely ! Harry being safe as long as he remains in the house of Dursley through the blood of the sister of Lily, it may be the same, if Norbert and Theseus remains with Yusuf, a thing that has not specified Zoë Kravitz by beginning to use the future of Leta Lestrange ! In addition, Dumbledore entrusts directly to Harry at the Dursleys, informed, perhaps because he has already seen what fate enter in action before…