Fantastic Animals 2 : What are the initial reviews ?

Then, it gives what the second part of the adventures of Norbert Dragon ? The first reviews have arrived and they are not all good.

No need to wait for Wednesday to find out if YES or NOT, it’s worth it to move to see the magic again operate in the fantasy world straight out of the imagination of J. K Rowling. For his first, Fantastic beasts 2 has put small dishes in large to the UGC Ciné Cité Bercy… Decorations fairy, magic wands giant and casting in full made the show ! A staging of good omen, will you tell us ? The opinions are very mixed, if one believes the first critical press, who have yet been able to discover before everybody the same secrets on Dumbledore found Jude Law. So far, they have not given to the Animals Fantastic 2 that 56% of positive reviews on the site Rotten Tomatoes. This is not catastrophic, except when one discovers that it is the worst rating of all films in the universe of Harry Potter together. Aoutch, about 10 films in total, it hurts.

Les Animaux Fantastiques 2 : Que disent les premières critiques ?

Some of the major problems raised by the critics stem from a distribution of actors crowded and a scenario is too confusing. Between the construction of an original story to incorporate into the next three flaps, and the constant reference to the films Harry Potter to stay in tune with the universe, the film includes too many layers to his story main. That said, the visual spectacle and special effects, as well as the performances of the actors, are among the positive elements the most remarkable. We start with the New York Times, which is quickly lost into the plot : “Rowling is subject to the trends of maximalist and so full of history that you spend too much time trying to unravel who did what to whom and why”.

Les Animaux Fantastiques 2 : Que disent les premières critiques ?

The journalists of the Daily Telegraph (UK) are of the same opinion : “The greatest puzzle is to determine what returns the film”. Even the talent of the actors does not seem to go up the slope to the magazine , Chicago Tribune : “It took the franchise exactly a film for the shrugs were put in place, even with all of these talented actors in the middle of blue flames digital which has cost”. But all is not lost, there are also a lot of positive, as noted by Fresh Fiction : “This is an extravaganza of thrilling, breathtaking, fantastic, full of wonder, spectacle and delight that goes beyond what the first was delivered”. The blur of the plot has not seemed to bother the critics of We Live Entertainment : “The film is a must-see magic ! An episode more bold and darker, which is based on the first and is sure to delight Harry Potter fans, old and new“. Therefore, you will again be transported into the mystical world and enchanting Norbert Dragon. So, even if the plot loses a little in economy, you won’t get bored. In short, you are going to take full view, but the best is yet for you to discover by yourself whether or not Minerva McGonagall is present in Fantastic beasts 2, on Wednesday, November 14, in the dining room.