Federer Zverev. The forecast for the Final tournament ATP (17.11.2018)

Федерер - Зверев. Прогноз на Итоговый турнир ATP (17.11.2018)

In the semifinals of the Final tournament in London we will see the confrontation between old and new schools of tennis. Will Roger Federer on experience to pass the opponent or Alexander Zverev going to fight back? – find out in our forecast.

Roger Federer

From the outset, the Swiss were favourites to win the group, but after the first defeat of the Kay Nishikori of doubt crept in. The Japanese played well, but spent the third racket of the world all power and could not then properly take advantage of that.

Federer worked on his mistakes and came to the second meeting with a different attitude. The representative of Switzerland on the experience dealt with Dominic and Tim are in two sets (6-2, 6-3). Austrians just don’t have enough character, although the plan was to compete for a spot in the semifinals.

Roger needed a win in the third meeting and it once again did not disappoint. A native of Basel has found the key to serving Kevin Anderson and beat the opponent quite confidently (6-4, 6-3).

Alexander Zverev

For the German tennis player performance at the Final tournament is primarily a great experience, because to get here is not so simple, as it is necessary throughout the season to demonstrate good and stable performance. Sasha had to try hard to feel comfortable after the first match in which the fifth racket of the world beat Marin Cilic (7-6, 7-6).

Then there was a meeting with Novak Djokovic and predictable defeat (6-4, 6-1). Still, to compete now with Serb is extremely difficult, so only had to endure from time to time cling to their games.

In the last match decided the fate of vouchers in the semi-finals. Zverev needed to beat the American John Isner and see how Alexander coped with the task (7-6, 6-3), therefore suitable for a fight against Roger Federer in good form.

Statistics and personal meetings

    • Tennis players have met seven times, three victories Zverev.
    • For the previous seven matches in total 21.5 games has been broken four times.
    • Alex first came in the semifinals of the Final tournament.
    • In case of a victory at competitions in London, Federer will get the 100th title in his career.


  • With the start of the tournament Roger Federer has noticeably increased, because the defeat of the Kay Nishikori made the third racket of the world to act more aggressively. Alexander Zverev are not yet up to the level of Novak Djokovic, however, against other opponents he can fight on equal terms. We anticipate that this meeting was not to escape hard struggle, as both players well prepared to the semifinals, so opted for total more.