Ferrari again broke his record of the high cost of the Ferrari 250 GTO went under the hammer for 48.4 million dollars

Ferrari снова побил свой же рекорд дороговизны - Ferrari 250 GTO ушел с молотка за 48,4 миллионов долларов

The most expensive car in the world was sold at auction Sotheby’s RM, namely the Ferrari 250 GTO 1963 model year. This copy was sold for $ 48.4 million. The corresponding video was placed by the auction participants on the YouTube channel.

Earlier, the same model machines were installed the previous record high price, then bought it for $ 38.1 million. Only the period from 1953 to 1964, was released 36 models Ferrari 250 GTO.

For sale car put a former Microsoft employee Greg Whitten. But the name of the new owner of the rarity is not specified: it is only noted that it was the collector from the US.

As informed you earlier, the Russian lawyer Ilya Novikov bought at a charity auction for UAH 10 000 old pair of Ukrainian writer and volunteer Serhiy Zhadan.