Fiji Ruiz and Dylan (LPDLA6) in a couple for the buzz ? The former candidate has made some big revelations (PHOTO)

While Fiji Ruiz and Dylan have become reconciled since The Princes and Princesses of Love 2, the former of the candidate comes to big revelations.

Since a few days, it’s official, Fiji Ruiz and Dylan Thiry are new as a couple after The Princes and Princesses of Love 2. A reconciliation unexpected, but which has the merit of making it a talking point. On social networks, the users are in fact many wonder how the two former have been able to rabibocher as fast, as Dylan had, there are only a few weeks, formalized a beginning of the history with Navy, a former contender of the issue of dating of W9. Well if you believe that Hakim, the former Fiji Ruiz, both candidates for reality tv would simply be together for the buzz !

Fidji Ruiz et Dylan (LPDLA6) en couple pour le buzz ? L'ex de la candidate fait de grosses r?v?lations (PHOTO)

In fact, while the former Fiji Ruiz responded recently to the reconciliation of the candidate of the Princes and Princesses of Love 2 with Dylan, the latter dropped a small bomb by revealing that the story between Dylan and Navy was not fake, that the reconciliation between Fiji Ruiz and the former candidate of Koh Lanta was against alive and well : “It may be what you see in this moment, which is the mytho”. So fake couple or not ? One thing is certain, if we are to believe this rumor, Dylan and Fiji would be a couple for the buzz, may be in order to participate in new tv-reality, like Moundir and Lean adventurers 4, for which shooting will soon begin… If we forget the fact that the candidate has already participated in Koh Lanta, and that it has nothing to do with an apprentice adventurer.