Fiji Ruiz (LMvsMonde3) sexy to do a product placement, it makes the temperature up (PHOTO)

Fidji Ruiz (LMvsMonde3) sexy pour faire un placement de produit, elle fait monter la température (PHOTO)

Fiji Ruiz has reaction from internet users on Instagram and you can see his publication below.

If Fiji Ruiz Marseille VS. the rest of the World 3 remains very discreet about his love life, she does not hesitate to share his daily life with his fans and everything happens on the social networks ! Also, the pretty redhead is very active on Snapchat and on Instagram to the delight of his followers… And in fact, they have been very many to respond to one of his latest posts on Instagram, since you can see the young woman’s ultra sexy to do a product placement ! We’ll let you discover, just below, is the feedback that we have been able to read in this photo.

A publication shared with The happiness is a woman (@fidji_ruiz) on August 7, 2018 at 10 :32 am PDT

“Super nice rest as you are (…) Truly magnificent (…) What a body !!! You are sublime as always (…) Just a young pretty woman who assumes (…) Tu es canon Fiji (…) A bomb❤️”, one can read among the many comments. In addition to these compliments, we could see that some people thought that Fiji Ruiz had rebuilt his buttocks…and The young woman will she answer these questions ? It is a matter to follow ! And in the meantime to find out more, be aware that Fiji Ruiz said if she would soon be in The Princes and Princesses of Love season 2.

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