Fiji Ruiz (LPDLA6) again in a relationship with Dylan, she appears with him (VIDEO)

Fiji Ruiz and Dylan are back as a couple and it tells you more in this article.

The next week in The Princes and Princesses of Love 2, Fiji Ruiz and Dylan going to get closer ! A reconciliation which has made a lot of noise during this adventure, and even more since the filming is finished… all the more that some time ago, Aqababe revealed that Dylan was in a relationship with Fiji Ruiz just for his money swinging : “I made clear that Dylan was with Fiji last week until yesterday. And he dropped. Basically, he has taken up the time of a booking in Narbonne, a little bit of money and ciao ciao”. But since then, the two candidates with W9 got back together, and we had the proof in the video.

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“Sushi and feet and Big Bounce ! Good evening”, she posted on the social network in the logo to yellow and white, while identifying Dylan on the video. The two nominees of the Princes and Princesses of Love 2 thus confirm their relationship through this snap. We hope for them that this time, it is good ! In the rest of the news know that in our recap tv of the week, we told you about Carla Moreau Marseille in Asia who would be pregnant with Kevin Guedj and Melanie Da Cruz, which is finally expressed on the social networks after the bad buzz with Anthony Martial.