Financial boost of size for the Amundsen

Coup de pouce financier de taille pour l’Amundsen

Coup de pouce financier de taille pour l’Amundsen

The ice-breaker scientific <em>Amundsen</em> in the bay of Dobbin, Nunavut.


21 July 2020 14h33

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Financial boost of size for theAmundsen

Coup de pouce financier de taille pour l’Amundsen

Coup de pouce financier de taille pour l’Amundsen

Jean-François Cliche

The Sun

The ice-breaker scientific Amundsen has just received a boost of $ 20.7 million from the canadian Foundation for innovation (CFI) to support its operations until 2023, has announced the University of Laval on Tuesday.

“As recommended by the Naylor report [of 2017 about the research funding by the federal government], the decision of the FCI to assume 60 % of the costs of operation of the ice-breaking research will help expand access to the ship, to better meet the demand and, possibly, the ability to purchase time to ship additional research, said in a press release Louis Fortier, a researcher in biology at Laval University and scientific leader of theAmundsen.

This ship is currently the only ice-breaker of canadian research, and more and more teams have been asking to spend time for their research activities. In addition to providing a better access to theAmundsen, this money will also be used to replace instruments of research which are approaching the end of their useful life. “This is essential to keep Canada at the forefront of oceanographic research in polar region”, underlines Alexandre Forest, executive director at Amundsen Science, the organization that manages the mandate for the scientific ice-breaker, and which is based at the Université Laval.

Recall that theAmundsen is originally entered service in 1979, then under the name of Franklin. He had at the time not intended to be scientific, and was removed from service in 1996, before being converted into an ice-breaking research (under the name Amundsen) in 2003.

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