Finished fashion hippie: hairdressers re-opened in a part of Europe

Fini la mode hippie: les coiffeurs rouvrent dans une partie de l’Europe

Fini la mode hippie: les coiffeurs rouvrent dans une partie de l’Europe

The Europeans can again get their hair cut according to certain health measures.

4 may 2020

Updated may 5, 2020 0h17


Finished fashion hippie: hairdressers re-opened in a part of Europe

Femke Colborne

Agence France-Presse


BERLIN — These are the weeks that Helmut Wichter with his white hair rebel waited for this moment with impatience: “I looked like Robinson Crusoe” laughs this man of 87 years leaving a hair salon in berlin.

It is part of the lucky ones who have benefited Monday from the re-action scissors and razors, and the return of a permanent and degraded in several european countries — Germany, Spain, Croatia, Greece and Slovenia.

Him and many other of her compatriots flocked to as soon as the morning at several hairdressers in Germany after weeks of closure in order to limit the spread of the disease of the COVID-19. The federation of the sector speaks of a”rush”.

“I came here this morning and I saw that there were already young people out,” says Mr. Wichter, proud of his new hair cut is now more conventional and orderly.

Since mid-march, many Germans complained about not being able to maintain their hair as they please.

Black market

Some have even had to resort to the black market for a makeover. The police arrested at the end of April, two hairdressing salons illegal in the sub-soil of a district of the bavarian town of Miltenberg. The corrupt have had the right to a prosecution for a violation of the rules of containment.

Others opt for the in-house solution: one person out of seven has attempted to cut the hair yourself these past few weeks, according to a study by the institute YouGov for the German news agency DPA.

Next to hair salons, there are also some schools, museums, zoos, places of worship and playgrounds for children, who may from Monday to reopen in the first european economy.

From the very beginning, Germany had opted for a containment lightweight, compared to other countries, with less than 6700 deaths officially listed on Monday for 163 175 cases of infection with the novel coronavirus, it has so far managed rather well to the crisis. His hospital system has never been overflowed.

Elsewhere in Europe, many european countries are also beginning to slightly soften the measures of containment designed to contain the virus.

Ramazan Uzun, 27 years, welcomes the re-opening of her hair salon located in the berlin district of Kreuzberg.

His diary of the week poster is almost complete. “People are very eager to have a hair cut, correct”, he explains.

Provided, however, meet certain health measures. Hairdressers as clients must wear a mask and a 1.5 meter distance should be observed between two clients.

This does not, however, prevent Mr. Uzun to stay worried. Living with his parents, he was afraid of infecting them.

“But we have to earn our living one way or another,” sighed he.

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