First case “suspected” of coronavirus in North Korea

Premier cas «suspecté» de coronavirus en Corée du Nord

Premier cas «suspecté» de coronavirus en Corée du Nord

A first case “suspected” of coronavirus has been recorded in North Korea.


July 25, 2020 20h09

Updated at 21h58


First case “suspected” of coronavirus in North Korea


Agence France-Presse

BRASILIA — the first “suspicious” of the COVID-19 has been detected in North Korea, which had up here its impermeability to the virus, but is now in a “maximum alert” in the face of a pandemic that continues to grow around the world.

It is a North-Korean “home on 19 July after illegally crossing the demarcation line”, which acts as the border with South Korea, announced on Sunday the official agency KCNA.

It has been placed in quarantine, and all the people who came into contact with him in the border city of Kaesong, which is placed in the “total containment”, are the subject of a “thorough investigation”.

The north Korean leader Kim Jong One has called an emergency meeting of the political bureau.

In the world, the pandemic, which has around 640 000 people, beats new record: over 280,000 new infections have been recorded for the single day of Friday.

Since 1 July, more than five million new cases have been officially reported, which is equivalent to more than a third of the total cases detected since the beginning of the pandemic.

“No country is spared”, points out Saturday the world health Organization (WHO), adding that this increase is due to a high transmission in areas of high population concentration such as on the american continent and in South Asia.

“The key to control of the transmission is to find, isolate, test and treat cases and contacts”, says the WHO.

In the United States, the country most mournful with 145 546 deaths, more than 70 000 new cases were reported Friday, and 1157 deaths, according to the counting of the Johns Hopkins university.

Resurgence in South Korea

In countries that had succeeded in containing the virus, the numbers start rising.

South Korea reported Saturday, in a resurgence of cases, with its balance sheet, the highest in almost four months, with 113 new cases, including 86 people who arrived from abroad.

Without the imposition of confinement, but with a strategy very thorough testing and tracing of contacts of infected persons, the south Korean authorities were, however, managed to gain control of the situation.

Vietnam on Saturday announced to have detected its first case of coronavirus locally transmitted in nearly 100 days.

And in France, viral circulation is “net increase”, according to the health authorities. The government has now made mandatory the testing for the travelers coming from 16 countries, including the United States and Algeria.

“What we must avoid above all, it is the reconfinement general”, a measure that would be “catastrophic” to the economic and social development, said prime minister Jean Castex.

Other countries or regions of Europe have strengthened controls passenger and generalized the wearing of the protective mask, such as England.

The Rio festival cancelled

In Latin America, the cancellation of festivities and sports events are increasing.

The traditional year-end party in Rio de Janeiro, which brings together millions of spectators on the beach of Copacabana to see the fireworks, has been cancelled, and Sao Paulo was postponed sine die carnival.

The president of the brazilian Jair Bolsonaro has announced his recovery on Twitter before taking a joyride on a motorcycle in the streets of Brasilia to greet his supporters, ignoring the gestures barriers.

Brazil, the second country most affected by the pandemic, after the United States with approximately 2.3 million cases, has saved Saturday, more than 1200 new cases, bringing the death toll to more than 86 000.

Panama has renounced to host the world Cup soccer under 20 years of age, which was to take place in early 2021, as well as the sport Games of central America and the Caribbean by 2022.

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