First, we need to catch: the scientists found a revolutionary cure for cancer

Сначала надо заразиться: ученые нашли революционное лекарство от рака

Russian scientists develop new drug to combat a cancer that must destroy tumor cells by infecting them with a virus.

Studies at the Moscow Institute of molecular biology. V. A. Engelhardt (MPI RAS), reports “Izvestia”.

It is reported that for a revolutionary medication used virus “single action”, first described by the Russian employees of MPI SB RAS jointly with German scientists from the Institute of experimental Virology in Hamburg. He was named McERV.

The distinctive feature of this retrovirus is that it can infect only cells that carry on their surface plasmolen. This protein on their surface contain just the cells of several neural tumors. In healthy human tissues it is not contained or present in small quantities.

It is reported that scientists have tested the effect of the virus on human cells. The results of the experiments showed that the new drug successfully destroys the cancerous cells, the surface of which are “protein-target”, without affecting healthy.

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