Five cases within a team of ball hockey

Cinq cas au sein d’une équipe de hockey balle

Cinq cas au sein d’une équipe de hockey balle

A hockey player ball evolving Complex ProGym dek hockey de Sherbrooke has earned a positive test to the COVID-19.


28 July 2020 13h51

Updated at 16h58


Five cases within a team of ball hockey

Cinq cas au sein d’une équipe de hockey balle

Cinq cas au sein d’une équipe de hockey balle

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Cinq cas au sein d’une équipe de hockey balle

Cinq cas au sein d’une équipe de hockey balle

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Suspected of suffering from the COVID-19 last week, a hockey player ball evolving Complex ProGym dek hockey de Sherbrooke finally got a positive test and four other of his teammates are now infected.

In total, five players from the same team of ball hockey with the COVID-19. These are 18 to 22 years. Fifty members of the league of the ProGym dek hockey were tested, as well as members of the staff.

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The middle of the hockey ball in the search for solutions

“All the teammates and all the players of the opposing teams have undergone testing. The player in question has played two parties, and that he was suffering from the COVID-19. It was asymptomatic. Like the other four players also. These five people are in quarantine until 2 August,” informs the owner of the place, Raphael Jolicoeur.

This new outbreak is not without reminding us of the events that occurred during a tournament in Mirabel on July 11 after the discovery of seven positive cases of the COVID-19.

This time, the young player has played in parts of 17 and 19 July and the Complex ProGym dek hockey has been briefed on the 21st of July.

“We have also quarantined some employees as a precaution. ”

Raphael Jolicoeur

The next day, the facilities were closed, the moment of a day and a cleaning operation was immediately launched. In Excellence dek hockey in Fleurimont, the place has also been disinfected as a precautionary measure and the centre was closed for 48 h.

“We took the situation seriously, ensures the owner of the ProGym. It has also been placed in quarantine, some of the employees as a precaution. I must have had a dozen communications with the public Health by telephone and a dozen others by e-mail. It was informed also of the other centers and alerted all the members of our league. The measures have even been strengthened and the players that have been tested must present a negative result to return to the game.”

Note that for the age group 10 to 19 years of age, the percentage of hospitalization among people with the COVID-19 in the Estrie region is 0% and 1% among the 20 to 29 years. No deaths were reported for these age groups in the region.

Cinq cas au sein d’une équipe de hockey balle

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The number of new cases declining

The number of new cases of the COVID-19 detected in the eastern Townships begins to decline. According to the CIUSSS of the eastern Townships – CHUS, there are five people infected over the last 24 hours on its territory.

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A confirmed case of day camp Full Sun to Sherbrooke

This brings the total of 1027 cases, and two cases are under study to determine the territory health and social services on which they appeared.

The five new cases are distributed in the regions of Sherbrooke (2), Memphrémagog (2) and of the Haute-Yamaska (1).

Recall that 13 new cases of COVID-19 had been detected on the territory of the eastern Townships, Saturday to Sunday, by the public health Directorate. Monday morning, it was reported seven new cases.

There were no reported new deaths since the balance sheet as of June 23, says one. No patient has been hospitalized since the balance sheet of the 17 July. Ditto for the people in the intensive care unit; no new cases since the balance-sheet of 5 June.

The chapter of the screening tests, the authorities report that 34 728 people in total have been tested. The percentage of confirmed cases is 2.5 %.

169 new cases and three deaths in Quebec

The balance sheet of the pandemic coronavirus has increased Tuesday of 169 infections and two deaths in Quebec.
There are now 58 897 deaths and 5670 dead, when one takes account of a death additional, which occurred prior to July 20.
The number of hospital admissions decreased seven -, 193. Eight people are in intensive care, one more than the day before.
It has 28 520 infections in the region of Montréal (+88), 6017 in Laval (+19) and 8699 in Montérégie (+18).
The other developments of the day
A few weeks of the month of September, a new survey suggests that many canadian parents do not know whether they should or should not send their children to school if school has beautiful and well place.
The premier of Saskatchewan, Scott Moe, encourages people to wear the cover-face where it is impossible to respect a certain distance between them, but it is not yet a question of his government to make the mask mandatory in enclosed public places.

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