Foodora cease its activities in Canada may 11,

Foodora cessera ses activités au Canada le 11 mai

Photo: John Macdougall, Agence France-Presse
Foodora announces the termination of its activities on canadian soil as early as the 11th of may next.

The application of food delivery Foodora announced on Monday that it would end its operations in Canada on may 11.

The company established in Berlin says that she has not been able to achieve a level of profitability that is sufficiently durable to Canada to continue its activities.

She stated that the decision had been taken, in part, because it was to powerful rivals and was carrying on its activities on a highly saturated market for the delivery of food in line.

Foodora explained that she had not been able to reach a position that would allow him to continue to operate without having to absorb continuous losses, and that it had filed a notice of intent.

Foodora indicated that it had advised on Monday that its canadian workers of the change and that it was developing a proposal to provide additional overlap to the employee and to his other creditors.

The company has conducted its activities in 10 canadian cities over the past five years and had recorded 3000 restaurants on its platform.

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