For the Norwegian wife of a millionaire held to ransom in bitcoin

За жену норвежского миллионера требуют выкуп в криптовалюте

За жену норвежского миллионера требуют выкуп в криптовалюте

In Norway, the unknown stole the wife of one of the richest businessmen of the country and demanded a ransom for her in the amount of 9 million euros in cryptodira.

The wife of a millionaire Tom Hagen Anna Elizabeth Falkevik disappeared on October 31, writes Aftenposten, quoting the words of the police inspector Tommy Breske. Since it has not received any signals. The couple’s home in Leninskoe police found no signs of a struggle or forced entry. However, law enforcement authorities believe that 68-year-old wife were attacked by intruders in the bathroom. The ransom of 9 million euros in the Monero cryptocurrency in exchange for her release was contained in a memo found in the house.

За жену норвежского миллионера требуют выкуп в криптовалюте

According to the inspector, the police recommended that friends of Falkevik not to pay the kidnappers, reports NRK. Moreover, police had contact with possible criminals through the “e-platform”. But other parts Breske not reported, writes VG.

Aftenposten notes that the police had not revealed details about the kidnapping such a long time for security purposes. In addition to local investigators, the case has attracted Europol and Interpol. The sources indicate that Falkevik threatened serious harm, and in December and has not provided evidence that she is alive.

Case Falkevik is the first in the history of the Norway incident when the kidnappers demand a ransom of cryptodira.

In 2017 kidnapped in Kiev, the expert on cryptocurrency paid the ransom of $1 million in bitcoins. The criminals had to let go of intelligence crypto currency exchange EXMO Paul Lerner. Previously, HBO has offered a ransom to the hacker “Game of thrones”. At the disposal of the media got a copy of the letter dated 27 July in which HBO offers to pay the hacker $ 250 thousand in bitcoin.

It also became known that terrorists “DNR” hold for ransom hundreds of Russian mercenaries. Some of them are even officially charged with such charges as “espionage in favor of Russia”.