Fortnite on the Switch, an error further confirms its imminent arrival

Fortnite sur Switch, une erreur confirme encore son arrivée imminente

The arrival of Fortnite on Nintendo Switch again seems to confirm, with this new ball from the eShop of the japanese firm.

While we looked forward to the E3 and its many conferences, in which you can discover the schedule in full right here, it now seems almost certain that Nintendo will use the event to announce officially the release of Fortnite on Switch. Already present on PC, PS4 and Xbox One since last year, the game of survival multiplayer was so far away from the console hybrid from the japanese manufacturer. Well obviously, things will change, because after several rumors, a user has relayed on Twitter the presence of what appears to be the file of the game, as well as its icon.

Fortnite sur Switch, une erreur confirme encore son arrivée imminente

If this information is proven to be ultimately accurate, Fortnite on Switch weigh so 2 Gb on the Switch. So, simple mistake for Nintendo, who was not well enough hidden the file at the time of the recent update to its eShop, or teasing thinly veiled in view of the E3 2018, which will be held in a few days in Los Angeles ? Mystery, but one thing is certain, the followers of the console Switch should very soon take advantage of the cardboard Epic. In the meantime, finds out right away what is expected of the Sony conference at E3 2018. Still few days to wait before the end of the story !

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