Found a mysterious point at which a constantly changing magnetic field of the Earth

Specialists in shock, some time to build guesses and assumptions

Найдена загадочная точка, в которой постоянно меняется магнитное поле Земли

Scientists during the next research noticed that on the Hawaiian volcano Kilauea began to flow, the magnetic field in an entirely different direction.

Specialists in shock, some time to build guesses and assumptions, but in the end still unable to explain the phenomenon.

Under the mountain, as it turned out, contains a lot of molten rock, including magnetic iron. A huge number of the floating magnet is now in the bowels of the island.


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780 thousand years ago, said the scientists, North and South poles located opposite each other. Under the volcano magnetic iron is then cooled and locked into the solid rock, while the pole remains facing the opposite way.

The magma and its components will allow scientists to come to the truth concerning periodic change of the poles of the Earth.

So, Professor brad singer believes that spewing streams keep the memory of the magnetic field at the time. And when the release occurs during periods of recession.

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