Found a way to diagnose cancer in ten minutes

Найден способ диагностировать рак за десять минут

Scientists from the University of Queensland has developed a simple test that can detect cancer in a patient in just ten minutes. The accuracy of the results is about 90%.

The authors develop was based on the fact that the DNA of healthy and cancerous cells in different ways attached to the metal base, reports

It is reported that in the DNA of normal cells, the process of methylation, which determines which genes should “work” and which should be disabled. Have the affected cells this mechanism is disturbed, included only those genes that help the disease to develop.

Normal DNA has a large number of methyl “marks” in the affected cells of such “labels” are very small and are located at specific sites.

The researchers conducted a series of tests, which revealed changes of methyl groups for breast, prostate and colon, and lymphoma.

In the next stage of experiments the suspect’s DNA was placed in water with gold nanoparticles, colored pink.

Healthy and diseased DNA had combined with the metal particles, which could affect the hue of the liquid. If the sample had cancerous changes, the color remained the same, if everything was okay – the water was turning blue.

The study authors noted that they have developed the diagnostic procedure is very simple and does not require such efforts, as, for example, DNA sequencing. Now they intend to test the method on other types of cancer.

It is noted that to date, the most common way to diagnose cancer is biopsy. This is an invasive procedure and it is performed often after the patient noticed the tumor.

The new test allows to identify the presence of cancer cells before the manifestation of overt symptoms of the disease.