Found a way to stop the development of brain tumors

Найден способ остановить развитие опухоли мозга

Tissue fluid in the body contributes to the normal functioning of all our organs. It provides cells with nutrients and removes waste. But sometimes this mechanism becomes deadly.

As a dedicated in people suffering from glioblastoma (the most aggressive form of brain tumor), tissue fluid run more intensively, spreading the body affected cells. Modern medicines designed to fight malignant education can only accelerate the process. A group of scientists from the Polytechnic Institute of Virginia found a way to slow down the development of cancer. They have invented a drug called AMD3100, which blocks the response of glioblastoma cells to the pressure and movement of extracellular fluid.

The drug already has been tested on laboratory mice and proved its effectiveness. Scientists say that for best results it should be combined with modern means, allowing to “deliver” medication directly to the affected area.

It is noted, that at the moment, glioblastoma is considered incurable. Therapy is at best prolong the patient’s life for several years. Studies of this disease have lasted more than one year, but for a long time scientists have not been able to make significant breakthroughs. Therefore, a new drug that has yet to go through clinical testing hopes.