France : 369 new deaths in 24 hours

France : 369 nouveaux décès enregistrés en 24h

Seventeen priority projects have been identified in France for the déconfinement, among which the proper functioning of public transport.

25 April, 2020 17: 05


France : 369 new deaths in 24 hours

Agence France-Presse


PARIS — The epidemic of the coronavirus has made 22 614 deaths in France since the beginning of march, with 369 new deaths in 24 hours, according to the balance sheet reported Saturday evening by the Directorate-general of health, marked by a significant drop in deaths at the hospital.

The epidemic has killed 14 050 people in the hospital, including 198 deaths in 24 hours, the balance sheet daily, the lowest for a month, and 8564 in retirement homes and other medico-social establishments (+171), said the DGS in a press release.

In the icu, the number of patients down now for 17 days in a row with now 4725 persons admitted, 145 at least since Friday. Even if, in the course of the last 24 hours, 124 new patients COVID-19 have been admitted, according to the DGS.

This important indicator of the pressure of the epidemic on the hospital system had dropped Friday below 5000 for the first time since march 29.

The DGS, however, stressed “the very significant number of patients in the icu from all causes (7525), greater than about 50% of the initial capacity of resuscitation in France.”

The French prime minister Édouard Philippe will present on Tuesday before the national Assembly “the national strategy plan déconfinement” which is scheduled to start on 11 may, announced on Saturday that the prime minister’s office to the AFP.

This presentation will be followed by a debate and a vote.

Édouard Philippe will consolidate his statement with the one already scheduled on the same day on the question of the tracing and the application of “Stop Covid”.

Seventeen priority projects have been identified for the déconfinement, among which the return to school, the resumption of work in the companies, the proper functioning of public transport, the supply of masks and gel, the testing policy, or support for the elderly.

The containment had been initiated in France on the 17th of march.

On Monday, a dozen ministers, will consult with representatives of the local authorities, in order to evoke certain assumptions.

Tracks have already been advanced by the executive, including a back-to-school spread over three weeks, on a voluntary basis. The déconfinement should also be “territorialized”, in terms of the impact of the epidemic.

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