Frankly about coronavirus: what doctors write in social networks

Откровенно о коронавирусе: что пишут врачи в соцсетях

Popular doctors whose public recommendations are listened to millions of people, did not leave without attention and the topic of pandemic coronavirus. In a relaxed atmosphere Instagram they spoke about the threat of infection and panic, covering an increasing number of people. According to experts, first of all, everyone should calm down and comply with the prescribed preventive measures.

Alexander Myasnikov: “the World is for these 3 days was different. And why disappeared in every country it’s the toilet paper?!! Panic is chaos, and not the authorities do not understand. Why not officially say that in our country individual risks is equal to zero”.

Dr. Komarovskiy answered the 25 most popular question his subscribers about the coronavirus. In particular, he said he disinfected the phones and running to the hospital people with symptoms of incipient disease is not necessary if no severe comorbidities. For absolutely large numbers of people the virus is not generally dangerous, even caught, they will overcome them in a very mild form. Be wary of older people with weakened immune systems. In the current period it is desirable to stay at home as little as possible going in shops, pharmacies and other places of mass visiting.

Dr. Phil: “the less people precontractural with others – the less chance of catching the infection. Even if you consider the fact that it will still go to the grocery store, the total number of contacts with other will be much lower. So if you your employer put on the “home office”, please understand”.

Pulmonologist-internist in Eugene Lisivs’ka: “tired of Awful techniques. People don’t trust, want any pills, I don’t want to change their lives. Yes, you have a fever, and you feel bad because of this. You are unlikely to die – so you just need to calm down and go to sleep home. In the first 5-7 days to distinguish SARS from any other disease quite difficult”.

Gynecologist Olga Belokon: “Are pregnant women more susceptible to infection and prone to a more severe course of the disease, mortality rate compared to the rest sick? We have no exact information about the susceptibility of pregnant women to COVID-19. Pregnant women should follow the usual preventive measures”.

According to the latest data in the world is infected with a coronavirus 194 651 people have recovered 81 102 died – 7882 patient. COVID-19 found in all European countries.

In Russia the number of cases increased to 147, the last 33 cases brought it back from Italy, Germany and Spain. In the capital was the first death from the coronavirus. The patient was 79 years old, she suffered from many chronic diseases.

Previously, all doctors and experts have argued that patients with coronavirus infection was observed only dry cough. This symptom is considered distinctive and thanks to him separated the patients with influenza and SARS from infected COVID-19. Now, however, the coronavirus has a new symptom – “wet cough”.


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