Freely available published the latest work of Stephen Hawking

							В свободном доступе опубликована последняя работа Стивена Хокинга

The last work of British popularizer of science Stephen Hawking called “the Entropy of a black hole and soft hair” was published in the Internet, writes Newsweek.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of our dear friend and colleague of Stephen Hawking, whose contribution to the physics of black holes remained vividly stimulating to the very end. This work summarizes the status of our long-term project of large diffeomorphisms, “soft hair” and the quantum structure of black holes”, — said in the Preface, the co-authors Sasha Jaco, Malcolm Perry and Andrew Strominger.

Job talks about how information can survive immersion in a black hole contrary to the view that a black hole can not leave even light. Hawking and his colleagues have refuted this idea — in their opinion, information can be stored in the “soft hair”, the hologram of the input particles on the boundary of the black hole.

We will remind, at the funeral Hawking in may invited time travelers.