From cancer will save aspirin

От онкологических заболеваний спасет аспирин

Scientists of Cardiff University (UK) have proven the benefit of aspirin in the prevention of cancer.

The doctors analyzed 520 thousand patients with various types of cancer. About half of them suffered from cancer of the bowel, breast or prostate cancer, reports

The study revealed that taking aspirin in moderate amounts reduced the mortality of patients by 20-30%. In addition, significantly decreased the probability of transition of cancer cells to other organs.

The British noted that the study is limited. Soon doctors are going to establish the mechanism of action of the drug on patients with cancer, thereby confirm their findings experimentally. With cancer it is important to consult with your doctor before taking any medicines, the researchers noted.

The publication also notes that in mid-September scientists have recognized the aspirin is useless for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and increase life expectancy. Before taking the drug is recommended for older people who have had a heart attack or stroke to thin the blood. This stereotype is refuted by the Australian scientists who proved that aspirin is not only useless, but can cause an elderly person harm.