From new York straight to Paris. “Roland Garros” will take place a week after the US Open

The organizers of the championship of France said in late spring the tournament will not take place. But will not be cancelled! “Roland Garros” for the first time in history will be held at the end of the season – a week after the US Open.

Из Нью-Йорка – сразу в Париж. «Ролан Гаррос» пройдет через неделю после US Open


The first tennis tournament (not counting the number of “futures” and “challengers” in China) was canceled only a week ago. Last Thursday, March 12, was to begin Indian wells. Organizers to the last promised that everything starts on time, but in the end decided to roll the competition the day before the first games of qualification. The cause was infection with coronavirus one resident of riverside County – it is here, in the suburbs of Los Angeles, and held the so-called fifth “Grand slam” (the same unofficial status is a different tournament – in Miami, traditionally starting after Indian wells).

Soon after, the situation started downhill. Florida local masters also cancelled literally two days after the official statements in the spirit of “We have nothing to fear, everything will be just-in-time”. Shortly thereafter, ATP announced that it was suspending the tour again for six weeks – until April 20. Quarantine was the third masters tournament of the season in Monaco, plus tournaments in Barcelona, Houston, Marrakech and Budapest. Bosses WTA reacted more slowly, but recently “surrendered” and they – the women’s Tour is suspended until may 2. The players departed from California home. Someone not even a particularly well – Yaroslava Shvedova, getting to Nur-Sultan, got on a flight with an infected coronavirus woman among all the other passengers were placed in the hospital under quarantine. However, the symptoms she was not detected.

The question that arose “what next?” hanging in the air. And it concerned all. What will happen with the rating – it will freeze or glasses will start to burn in regular mode that is not quite fair to the players themselves? How tennis players make money – not all live as well as representatives of the top 10, even the athletes from the end of the first hundred, not just to provide myself and the team, and without the prize, this problem becomes more acute. And most importantly – when the tournament did resume? Will the clay season? And will there be a “Roland Garros”?

The organizers of the championship of France assured – looking at all possible options. And immediately made the reservation that depend on them so much, almost everything depends on the decision of national authorities. Among the players developed a strong belief that to herbal of the season (i.e. before mid-June) tournaments will not be. And, apparently, they were not mistaken.

Amid emergency measures, introduced on Monday the President of France Emmanuel Makron (country planted on a very strict quarantine and closed to the outside world) came info – “Roland Garros” will not take place. But with clarification – will not take place as scheduled (may 24 – June 7). But to come in September – a week after the US Open.


No one can predict what the situation waiting for us in two months. But the current quarantine measures do not allow us to prepare for the championship in the initial timing, reads a press release of Federation of tennis of France. We have made the difficult but brave decision in this unprecedented situation that has only become more complicated during recent weeks. We have to act responsibly to ensure the safety and health of people. But we will make every effort to hold the tournament in 2020.

In General, the “Roland Garros” suffer not because all sure that by may the situation with the pandemic will not improve and will not improve. But because at the moment it is unrealistic to prepare for the championship. To completely withdraw from the tournament organizers decided not to. Chose a compromise.

Thus for the first time in the history of the “Roland Garros” will be the last of all the “Big hats” in the season calendar. The new date of the championship of France: 20 September – 4 October. The men’s final of the US Open will take place just 7 days before the first games in Paris (September 13). Wimbledon, hopefully, will take place in the initial period (29 June – 12 July).


However, questions still remain. For example, the summer sporting life will start to return to normal and the “Roland Garros” will really be able to hold – even in September. But what to do with other tournaments scheduled for these dates? In particular, the tournaments in Saint Petersburg, Chengdu and Sofia? Will have to cancel them? Or turn on structure of participants in the “challengers”? After “Grand slam” brings together 128 of the best players in the world among men and women. If Yes, what would you say the organizers, who paid a substantial amount of money in ATP and WTA for the license and lost the opportunity to earn this year? In the end, and the interest of fans in these countries too, someone is bound to take into account!

Plus it is unclear what will come of history, when two “Big hat” will play straight for each other. Any major is a two-week marathon, robs players of all the forces. A week of rest for their recovery is not enough. At least – to recover for another marathon! Add to that the time difference between new York and Paris (6 hours). And – most importantly – changing the coverage of the hard ground (which is not easy).

Besides the players themselves will be at a disadvantage – who had lost in the US Open, will be able more or less to properly prepare for the “Roland Garros”. And the participants of the final stages in new York will go to France and get exhausted only a few days to acclimatise, recuperate and adapt to soft courts. It certainly adds intrigue – hard to believe that even monsters like Nadal and Djokovic can maximum hold two “Slam” in a row! That is, the probability of a sensational rise sharply. Plus, fans will wonder will Rafa rest in new York? And do not decide whether Novak in the case of the title to “flushing meadows” to play “Roland Garros” in half a leg? And as generally behaves Federer who initially missed the whole clay season due to injury, and suddenly again had the opportunity to speak in Paris?

There are no answers. As they say: wait and see. If only the coronavirus is really receded. And we wouldn’t have new transfers.

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