Full Art 2019: “Meaningful” objects

“I’ve always wanted to create a fashion that is meaningful, and that’s what I find in the creations of artisans: objects with a soul supplement, an identity.”
The e fashion designer Jean-Claude Poitras is the guest designer of the 39 th edition of Plein Art, which will be deployed from July 30 to August 11 at Espace 400 e , in the Old Port of Quebec.

A true passionate craftsman, Mr. Poitras says he appreciates “objects that last in time” and that make it possible to “live the beauty of everyday life”, hence his enthusiasm to take part in this great salon where he will rub shoulders with 140 exhibitors.

The participation of the designer will take the form of a guided tour, August 7 at 17h, with selected artisans in connection with the slow fashion trend . “New consciousness of fashion”, this trend is expressed in particular by the use of recycled materials, the local purchase, and is often eco-responsible, notes Mr. Poitras, “unlike the globalization that imposes on us an infernal rhythm overconsumption “.

“I’m going to make a visit by explaining the work of the artists to give a fresh look at each creation. We will realize that each object has a soul supplement, that’s what I want to reveal to the general public, “he adds.

The name of Jean-Claude Poitras already resonates in the Old Port, where his creations are the subject of an exhibition at the Musée de la civilization until September 15th. “I was known for 30 years as a fashion designer, but I had studied interior design. All forms of design have always fascinated me, and I am a lot today in multidisciplinary design, that is to say that I really want to put my signature on all everyday objects, from bedding to the arts. from the table, to the stationery that I make now, “says the one who is also a visual artist and exhibited for several years, including the Quebec Art Gallery in the capital.

Faces on the succession

Presented under the theme “Get your fill of art here”, the Plein Art 2019 show will give pride of place to the next generation, while visitors will be invited into the den of creation of craft students. Four graduates of the DEC in Craft Techniques in 2018 will each create a work in this workshop, while another section will be dedicated to the exhibition of some of their works, put on silent auction. The results of this auction will be announced by the spokesperson of Plein Art, Christian Bégin, August 4 at 17h.

“We want to discover what is behind the creative work and put a face on the creators,” said Hugo Laflamme, executive director of Cégep Limoilou Craft Education and Consultation Center.

“We are everywhere”

The creations of artisans are both works and utilitarian objects, found in a multitude of areas: tableware, design, fashion, architecture … “We are everywhere! We may not be flamboyant like Céline Dion, Cirque du Soleil or Robert Lepage, but if we were not there, they would be naked and with almost no decor, “says the blacksmith Marc Douesnard, president of the Conseil des métiers d’art du Québec.

Mr. Douesnard is pleased that people are increasingly questioning how to consume what is imposed on us. Those who are interested in the crafts are aware of buying high quality and encouraging a craftsman, but also to consume more responsibly, he says. “That’s what keeps us going.”

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