Gael Vidricaire pastry chef of the year in Quebec

Quebec pastry chef Gaël Vidricaire had a big surprise on Sunday night, when she was named pastry chef of the year in the province by the Quebec Society of Chefs, Cooks and Pastry Cooks (SCCPQ).
“I was really surprised! It’s a pat on the shoulder, a big dose of encouragement “from his colleagues in the gastronomic world, says the entrepreneur whose pastry shop has been on rue Crémazie, in the Montcalm district, for three years and half.

Mrs. Vidricaire was a finalist in this prestigious category, along with Narada Brind’Amour, the owner of Le Cacauer Chocolaterie in L’Assomption, and Rémy Couture, an animator and pastry chef at Crémy in Montreal. She succeeds chocolate maker Julie Vachon, winner last year.

Researcher in the health sciences, Gaël Vidricaire has devoted himself entirely to pastry since 2010, first with a catering service at home, then in his new premises since the fall of 2016. “I like to communicate what I do to people. I have a lot of regular customers who come to me and are open to my proposals, “says the dapper pastry chef, who creates a different dessert menu every week for the business that bears her name.

Some 270 guests gathered Sunday at the Hotel Concorde for the 66 th Gala of the Presidency of the SCCPQ, where a dozen awards were presented during the evening.

The title of Chef of the Year was awarded to Jonathan Garnier of Montreal’s Guild Culinary School, who is also a host. It was thus preferred to chefs Raphaël Vézina (co-owner of Laurie Raphaël in Quebec City) and Jean-Philippe Cyr (vegan chef in Lanaudière).

“It’s been 25 years that I live from my passion, which brings together two things: cooking and people,” said chef Garnier, adding that “cooking is not just about making food; we create emotions on the plate “.

The 2019 Health Chef Award was presented to Annie Caron, who left her job seven years ago to found her own cooking school in the capital, Annie Caron Cooking Health.

The chef-owner of the renowned Saint-Amour, Jean-Luc Boulay, received the Lumière Award, which recognizes a person who projects a new and different lighting on the professions of the gastronomic world. Mr. Boulay – also judge on the show Les Chefs! – delivered a plea on the importance of succession. The one who teaches and regularly welcomes trainees in his establishment has also told the Sun that it is necessary to “stop criticizing the job of cook” because it is running away from this vital succession.

A pastry chef at Saint-Amour for 16 years, Éric Lessard has received the Méritas Award for his involvement with the SCCPQ, but also for his dedication, friendliness and positivism in his many commitments.

Wind of renewal

A wind blowing on this 66 th gala, while the event was sold in Quebec – it is held alternately in different regions represented by SCCPQ.

Several people underlined the accomplishment of Sébastien Bonnefis, director of the SCCPQ-Quebec Region for a year and a half, who worked tirelessly with his team to bring the professionals of the province to this gala dedicated to the next generation .

“Mobilization has decreased in recent years, after the 60 th . For the 65 th last year in Montreal, there were barely 70, with six young people coming up. This evening [Sunday], there are 270 and there are 42 students present, “said Mr. Bonnefis, not very proud of this participation.

Founded in 1953, the Quebec Society of Chefs, Cooks and Pastry Chefs – the oldest association of its kind in the province – strives to develop the professions of cook, baker, baker and other related trades, as well as for the recognition of training, public education and the influence of Québec’s culinary culture. The national group has more than 500 chefs, cooks and pastry chefs, who are asked to vote for the prizes awarded annually at the gala.

The 10 honorary titles awarded

Chef 2019 : Jonathan Garnier (chef and host, The Culinary Guild)
Pastry Chef 2019 : Gaël Vidricaire (Pastry Chef, Gaël Vidricaire Pastries)
Health Manager : Annie Caron (Head Teacher, Annie Caron School Health Cooking)
Prix ​​Lumière : Jean-Luc Boulay (owner chef, restaurant Le Saint-Amour)
Méritas Award : Éric Lessard (pastry chef, Le Saint-Amour restaurant)
Personality of the SCCPQ : Mario Martel (food consultant)
Max-Rupp * Award : Thomas B. Green (Consultant Manager)
Rollande-Desbois Reconnaissance Award * : Josée Perreault (Owner Chef, Maria Chapdelaine, Laval)
Apprentice pastry chef : Roxanne Provencher (pastry chef, Petrazzini Artisan Pastry Chef, in Baie-Saint-Paul)
Economic partner : Éric Caron (Corporate Manager, Gordon Food Services)
* Max Rupp is pastry chef, founder of the SCCPQ. The award in his name highlights the duration of the volunteer involvement of a member of the SCCPQ, the number of years of membership and his level of commitment.

* Rollande Desbois is a teaching chef and gastronomic columnist. The prize in his name opens the door for women, chefs or cooks, as well as those who express themselves in various aspects of the culinary arts.

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