Gala Iris: Antigone wins the bet

Gala Iris: Antigone rafle la mise

Gala Iris: Antigone rafle la mise

Sophie Deraspe, best director, and Nahéma Ricci, the revelation of the year for <em>Antigone.</em>


10 June 2020 20h44

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Gala Iris: Antigone wins the bet

Gala Iris: Antigone rafle la mise

Gala Iris: Antigone rafle la mise

Eric Moreault

The Sun

Most observers expected thatAntigone raid the setting for the gala Iris 2020 and that is exactly what happened Wednesday night. The excellent and poignant feature film by Sophie Deraspe has obtained the award for best film, direction, script, editing, distribution of roles, as well as the revelation of the year, awarded to the incandescent Nahéma Ricci. These six Iris are awarded in the course of an exceptional year for our cinema, which is placed under the sign of the rise of women.

The interpreter ofAntigone, all smiles, took advantage of his prize to thank his mother and his grand mother who allowed him to “dream of becoming an actress”. As for the feature film and its director, this was “an encounter which changed me”, testified Nahéma Ricci.

“Making a film is to work with a team and I had an extraordinary, exclaimed Sophie Deraspe for its Iris for best director. Thank you to all the family ofAntigone.” Recall that the free adaptation of the tragedy of Sophocles has also received five awards at canadian screen.

The filmmaker was keen to point out thatAntigone
it is a tragedy two millennia, that of a
young heroine who
fights against the system. His film also serves as a vehicle of denunciation to the “injustice
of our global system”.

The “gala on the sofa” was a first in Quebec, a gala broadcast in the majority on the Web, a pandemic of the COVID-19 requires. Guillaume Lambert acted as master of ceremony, live from Lion d’or in Montreal, with Élise Guilbault and Mani Soleymanlou. “I decided to follow the advice of my minister and reinvent myself”, has ironically commented on the playwright.

The evening is well underway, several of the 188 finalists who filmed short videos for this ceremony celebrating excellence in quebec cinema. Seeds techniques have, however, disrupted the presentation of the two first prizes. Micheline Bernard, winner of the won Iris best supporting actress for Matthias & Maxim, has never been able to utter his thanks at this time. “We hope to come back to tv next year”, has launched Guillaume Lambert. Mrs. Bernard, however, has been able to return at the end of this first part.

Gala Iris: Antigone rafle la mise

Technological glitches have not hampered the enthusiasm of Micheline Bernard.


The gala then moved to television, under the hospice of the good evening, good Evening! The show hosted by Jean-Philippe Wauthier gave four prizes, including best film in Antigone — in this category, six of the seven appointments were women.

It was raining birds by Louise Archambault
won the
the other three : audience award and best actor. “This is a film really comes alive when it is shared with the public,” noted the director.

Gala Iris: Antigone rafle la mise

Gilbert Sicotte and Andrée Lachapelle in It was raining birds by Louise Archambault.

Library The Sun

It was raced : Andrée Lachapelle was awarded posthumously the Iris of the actress for its beautiful
incarnation of Marie-des-neiges.
His daughter Nathalie Gadouas has received the award :
“I am very moved. Mom would be happy and very proud. […]
It allowed him to finish his career in beauty.”

Gilbert Sicotte, the winner was male, was also very
to share his prize with Andrée Lachapelle. “I greet you at the top, my lovely, my tender partner of the game”, he proclaimed before dedicating his trophy to “the elders of the Québec who have been abused during this pandemic in places unspeakable”.

The Iris had a little international flair this year as the trophy for the best supporting actor was awarded to Sergio Castellitto for his performance in the godfather in Mafia Inc. of Podz. “A film, it is also the memories that you have left, and those that you just brought [in Italy]. It is a great joy.”

Speaking of international, Matthias & Maxime, in the official competition in Cannes and presented in a quarantine of festivals in 2019, walked away with the title of the film being shown outside of Quebec. Notably, the feature film by Xavier Dolan was absent from the categories of best film, screenplay and direction… in Addition to Micheline Bernard, the pianist Jean-Michel Blais won the award for best original music.

Sympathy for the devil also pulled its pin of the game. The powerful drama of Guillaume de Fontenay has shown as the best first film, in addition to two awards techniques. “It just goes straight to the heart”, he commented, recalling that it took 14 years to realise this project adapted from the book of the same name by Paul Merchant. The filmmaker paid tribute to the late journalist and “all those who have suffered the siege of Sarajevo”.

As always in this kind of gala, there are always big winners and big losers. The wife of my brother of Monia Chokri (11) and Kuessipan (seven) empty-handed.

This in the categories of advanced, The twentieth century Matthew Rankin has obtained four Iris techniques.

In addition to the Iris tribute assigned to the high school librarian Alanis Obomsawin, “a woman of word, of heart and action” in which the work is noticed all over the world due to the radiation that it gives to the First nations, the emotion has transcended this release “left behind” at the moment commemorating the great missing of the last year, with the testimonies of the three facilitators.

The complete list of prizes.

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