Game of Thrones-season 8 : The Night King will he be defeated by the prediction of the Crow with Three Eyes ?

The season 8 of Game of Thrones and the big fight the Night King is approaching, but the end has already been foretold ?

A few new pictures of the season 8 of Game of Thrones have been revealed, but it is well little to satisfy the impatience growing all the fans. In the meantime the broadcast of the trailer, it looks at some theories issued by members of Reddit, and that could prove to be very interesting to see in the series. In the last episode of season 4, when Bran meets the Crow with Three Eyes, he asks him if he will help him walk again. To which the Crow replied: “Thou shalt go no more. But you will fly”. Given the connection of Bran with the crows, it seems easy to make the approximation, but the Crow with Three Eyes, was she talking about another way to fly ?

Game of Thrones saison 8 : Le Night King sera-t-il vaincu par la pr?diction de la Corneille ? Trois Yeux ?

Bran would happen to have Viserion ?

The season 8 of Game of Thrones clash of major forces, including dragons. Some internet users believe that it would be possible that Bran take possession of the body of Viserion, the dragon resurrected by the Night King, so that he turns against his master and kills him. Unless Bran uses his abilities to warg to take possession of the body of one of the dragons still alive to Daenerys in order to burn a good portion of the Walkers and Whites of the spectra. Even if this would require a large energy for Bran, and, although he was already “seen” fly by other means, see it control a dragon could be a good way to achieve the prediction of the Crow with Three Eyes. Not to mention the surprise that this would cause both in the Night King but also among the allies of Bran. Obviously each word of the series can be interpreted for sticking to a theory, but speculation will soon be over : Game of Thrones arrives in April on the OCS.