Gary Bettman thinks always not to cancel the NHL season

Gary Bettman ne songe toujours pas à annuler la saison de la LNH

Gary Bettman ne songe toujours pas à annuler la saison de la LNH

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman


May 13, 2020 13h47


Gary Bettman thinks always not to cancel the NHL season

The canadian Press

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said the ‘Mercury News’ that he thinks always not to cancel the season because of the pandemic of the novel coronavirus.

On the contrary, it was even mentioned at a videoconference organized by the San Jose Sharks for their corporate members on Tuesday that the season could resume and that the Stanley cup will be awarded to a team “at some point in the next few months”.

“I think with winning conditions, and in the right circumstances, and depending of all the options that we are considering and our ability to apply them, we will complete the season,” has been cited in Bettman in the daily californian.

“The States relax their containment measures, the cities also, continued Bettman. And if we make the right decisions, then I believe that we will be able to complete the season.”

The Stanley cup was not awarded in 1919 because of the Spanish flu and in 2005 because of the lockout, which led to the cancellation of the season due to the labour dispute between the league and the players Association regarding the renewal of the collective agreement.

The NHL stopped its season on march 12, due to the pandemic of COVID-19, so that there remained 189 games to negotiate to the regular schedule. The region of San Jose has been one of the first to be hit by the new coronavirus in North America, and few NHL players – including some of the Ottawa Senators – have been infected.

Since then, several scenarios have been discussed for the resumption of the activities in the NHL, including the possibility to resume in the playoffs instead of completing the regular schedule.

Bettman still has not submitted a plan of recovery is clear, although the months of July and August have been considered for the recovery of the business.

“We would like to complete the season,” mentioned Bettman. This needs to be fair, this process must be above reproach, and if we have to do it during the summer, or in an unusual manner, then we will.

“Obviously, we always want to play our matches in front of supporters next season, he added. But if we have to conclude the season in August or September, then it will be impossible to begin the next (season) in October. We could resume in November. We could resume in December. It will need to be flexible with the schedule.”

The NHL commissioner has also addressed several other issues during the video conference, which continued for about twenty minutes.

Bettman has discussed the impact of the current situation on the input stage of the concession of Seattle in the NHL during the season 2021-22. About renovations to the Key Arena in Seattle, it was assured that they always respected the deadlines and that they (the leaders of the concession), “do all that is necessary to be ready on time”.

He also briefly discussed the negotiations for the renewal of the collective agreement, which must reach maturity in September 2022. Bettman has, among other things, charged that the league has “discussions and very constructive with the players Association about the current state of things.”

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