Gay Pride is essentially virtual for its fiftieth anniversary [PHOTOS]

Gay Pride essentiellement virtuelle pour son cinquantenaire [PHOTOS]

Gay Pride essentiellement virtuelle pour son cinquantenaire [PHOTOS]

A parade is, among others, place in Mexico city.


June 27, 2020 19h04

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Gay Pride is essentially virtual for its fiftieth anniversary [PHOTOS]


Agence France-Presse

PARIS — Fifty years after the first Gay Pride in New York, the LGBT community is found primarily online Saturday, due to pandemic COVID-19.

A few small demonstrations that have marked this anniversary, but the bulk was collected under the label of Global Pride, a virtual event 24 hours.

London Pride, one of the main events of the calendar of Pride events gay, was also one of the first victims. For the occasion, the watchword of the day was “postponed, but always united”.

A small group of fifteen people, including Peter Tatchell, a veteran of the movement, carefully hidden in the colors arc-en-ciel, is still found in the streets to celebrate the creation 50 years ago, the Dondon Gay Liberation Front (Front de libération homosexual London).

“We want to make this event an event for the “human rights” of the LGBT community,” said the activist, now 68-year-old, while the parades of Gay Pride have become business opportunities for companies gay.

Some events were broadcasted on a giant screen in Piccadilly Square, and the mayor of London Sadiq Khan has tweeted his support.

In Berlin, police estimated that some 3 500 people marched by a temperature close to 30 degrees, and the German foreign minister Heiko Maas has tweeted his support for LGBT people around the world: “Be proud of you! No matter who you love, no matter where you live.”


Gay Pride essentiellement virtuelle pour son cinquantenaire [PHOTOS]

In Mexico City

AFP Pedro Pardo

In Vienna, some 200 cars and motorcycles decorated with banners, rainbow or unicorns inflatable have paraded on the famous Ring. According to organizers, about 5,000 spectators welcomed the procession, stripped-down version of the annual parade, which assembled usually several hundreds of thousands of people.

Online, the global event Global Pride, whose motto was “Exist, persist, resist,” had started at 5: 00 A.M. GMT in London.

In the United States, former president Barack Obama had sent a video message paying tribute to the clients of the bar in new york’s Stonewall Inn, which had rebelled in 1969 against yet another descentente police, launching de-facto the contemporary movement for the rights of homosexuals.

“Thanks to the movement that they started and the decades of work that followed, the marriage between persons of the same sex became legal in the country (the United States, editor’s note) five years ago, and not later than this month the supreme Court decided that an employer cannot discriminate against employees based on sexual orientation”, he said.

“On digital”

The democratic candidate for the presidential election in November, Joe Biden, has also made reference to the supreme Court, stating that the celebration was “especially poignant this year.”

In Argentina, the public buildings and monuments should be lit in the colours of the rainbow,and activists organized a week of celebrations in line, although Gay Pride is usually celebrated in November in this country.

Of homosexual activists in Mexico have asked that justice be done against hate crimes, during an “on digital”.

“Today, we think of the lesbians, gays, transvestites, transsexuals, transgender and intersex murdered because of their identity or their sexual orientation,” said the organizers of the “42nd walking LGBTTTI + Digital Pride March”.

“Once every three days last year, one person was killed. Only 10% of these killings have been deemed as such, subject to inquiry and punished as hate crimes”, said the organizers in a press release.

They have invited the participants to record themselves for a walk, sing or dance in their houses and broadcast images on Instagram or TikTok under the hashtag ElOrgulloPermance.

A man walks smiling from one end to the other of his house with a cassock and a cross painted in the colors of the rainbow is one of thousands of videos, photographs and messages.

In another, a baby smiling is seen wearing a white pants with a stripe in the colours of the flag gay.

However, some 200 people marched along Reforma, the main avenue of Mexico city, breaking the confinement imposed by the pandemic, which in this country of 127 million people has resulted in the death of nearly 25 800 people and infected 208.400 other.

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