Gaza, cemetery of the Palestinian people, and cowardice of the Western world for its silence

The unspeakable and desperate Palestinian territory of Gaza reminds us, in this beautiful documentary film by the Irish Keane and McConnell, all the suffering and poverty of the Palestinian people who can not accept the oppression and yoke of the Israeli people who he contests even his right to exist, his right to be free.
The two million Gazans live in a very small area of ​​41 km and 12 km wide, where water and electricity are regulated, agriculture remains virtually that this tiny “Islamic” territory has become a veritable open-air prison, virtually hopeless and full of desperation and revolutionary violence backed by Islamic Hamas retorts.

Despite some glimmers of beauty found in the search for peace, in the friendship and love of children, in the presence of the sea, in fashion show contests and in classical music, this territory remains entangled in an almost insoluble conflict that has persisted since the creation of the State of Israel in 1948. This conflict that indifferent the Western world is finally forgotten thanks to this powerful film which disturbingly breaks the silence of our ignorance and our indifference.

After a single week in cinemas in Quebec City, the movie Gaza has left the poster. It will be available on various digital platforms in late August, early September, informs its distributor.

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