Geneviève Guilbault: to combine power and caution

Geneviève Guilbault: allier pouvoir et prudence

Geneviève Guilbault: allier pouvoir et prudence

The vice-premier of Quebec and member of parliament for Louis-Hébert and Geneviève Guilbault met with <em>The Sun </em>at domaine Cataraqui, this week.


June 26, 2020

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Geneviève Guilbault: to combine power and caution

Geneviève Guilbault: allier pouvoir et prudence

Geneviève Guilbault: allier pouvoir et prudence

Olivier Bossé

The Sun

“We are still pretty well in the circumstances. But all these deaths that there had been… If we could avoid deaths in a second wave, this would be a big gain.”

His speed slowed down. Geneviève Guilbault weighs his words. The emotion bubbled to the surface. During the time of the interview, it is pretty much the only time where the air darkens, where she is more hesitant.

The vice-premier of Québec met with The Sun at the domaine Cataraqui, this week, chic property government of Sillery in renovation until October. They are on the roof. It still gives of the most beautiful photos that the decor beige of the department of public Safety, housed not far in front of Place Sainte-Foy.

The host Julie Snyder has proclaimed “the most powerful woman in Quebec”, a few months ago.

But in addition to being deputy prime minister and minister of public Security, the deputy and a resident of Louis-Hébert electoral district of west of Quebec city, is the minister responsible for the area of the National Capital. Under his guidance, the national capital Commission, a body that it has re-energized since the accession of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) is in power and who manages, among others, domaine Cataraqui.

Not so comfortable with the idea ask, she asks the photographer if she can sit “as I tend to place me for real.” But the questions remind her quickly in his element.

Length of delay

“For the time being, I think the plan déconfinement is well made and the consequences seem to be fairly well controlled. But we must remain cautious. Is it that there will be a second wave? And there was also the combined effect with the summer, the saturation of people who hear about the COVID and you may be under the impression that the risk has been overestimated”, enumerates it among the reasons to not declare victory too soon on this coronavirus.

The Quebec city region “has been relatively spared compared to other areas”, with a little more than 3 % of the deaths and cases in the province for nearly 9 % of the population. “But we have all learned, as in all areas,” says Ms. Guilbault.

The former spokesperson for the coroner’s Office finds that “the dead angle of residences for the elderly” was also done very poorly.

To start with the Jeffery Hale, first outbreak of the outbreak at Quebec, up to the Jardins du Haut-Saint-Laurent, who still count their dead, to the side of her house, at Saint-Augustin.

“We already had issues of workforce in the National Capital before the COVID. We left with a length of a delay, if it wants to. This was not obvious to the CIUSSS to succeed to cover all the needs,” she said.

The president-director general of the integrated centre, university health and social services (CIUSSS) of the Capitale-Nationale, Michel Delamarre, still has all his trust.

The word says cursed

Geneviève Guilbault replaced a few times the prime minister Legault during his famous press briefings to 13h, during the crisis.

“It was big shoes to fill. Especially the first time. You arrive and you hope that the citizens will find you as useful, as informative and as relevant as our prime minister,” says one who was already involved in the meetings that are held each morning at the office of Mr. Legault.

“It was decided in the short term, things were changing quickly, had to be ready. Often, the decisions of the ad took the same morning. The idea, it really was to be useful to the world and arrive with a clear message, because people were watching it religiously.

“The people we have listened! “she continues. It’s still impressive to think of it! The next day, it was necessary to close the Quebec people to stop living, or almost. And it did very, very well! It is impressive to watch such a social movement that was able to do it as quickly and also, all in all, so harmoniously. People have been so… I will pay attention to my word…”

She pauses. The word stuck in his throat, refusing to come out. She is looking for a synonym. Smiles.

The word that she does not say, it is docile. She spoke during the press briefing of 29 April. Some felt offended.

“I didn’t know that this word had a negative connotation!” she defends herself today, providing have seen “a pure synonym of “friendly instructions””.

“In a press briefing that I had done before, I had already used, but no one had seemed to notice. So I said it again. But then, when I woke up, we walked to the gateway [to the office of the prime minister] and the people on the team told me : “Twitter… Docile…” I was very surprised! There was no malice behind it.

“I immediately went to googling the word docile, and actually, it might have a bad connotation. So I made my little tweet to say that I had trouble choosing my term. But in the end, it’s funny,” says the one who has thus added to his capital authority.

Mom multitasking

At the age of 37 and mother of two young children — she gave birth on January 4 and came back to work a week before the containment — Ms. Guilbault has been a spring of multitasking.

In mid-April, she posted a photo on his social networks where we see her seated in her armchair nearer than we can guess to be a bunk, phone in the right hand, in left a pen planted on folders balanced on his thighs, between the arm the small Christophe swaddled in the baby carrier.

“It looks staged, but no! It was my real life, not made up, not anything with the baby and I was talking on the phone. And if he made too much noise, I gave it to the man!” she says laughing, as a tribute to his spouse.

“I immediately went to googling the word docile, and actually, it might have a bad connotation. So I made my little tweet to say that I had trouble choosing my term. But in the end, it’s funny ”

Geneviève Guilbault, vice-premier of Québec

Period appreciated where the”it was 24/7 the four together”, even if it has had at times to sharpen his patience more than usual.

The foams were able to take advantage of the presence of stay at home mom, so that she could attend a conference online, bathing the baby and monitor the large two and a half years in the corner of the eye, while having a load of laundry in the washer.

Geneviève Guilbault: allier pouvoir et prudence

Geneviève Guilbault

The Sun, Patrice Laroche


The first shovelful of earth in the first term. It was the election promise for the third link. Nearly two years and a pandemic later, the government of the CAQ to stay the course.

“There are properties that are necessary of themselves. The third link is our big project, our big project. The first shovelful of earth in the first term? Yes, we are working to meet this commitment-there,” reiterated the vice-first minister and minister responsible for the region of Capitale-Nationale, Geneviève Guilbault.

“We want to accelerate the infrastructure projects. There would be something inconsistent to want to slow down that one, then that is our project for our government, our political party, in the National Capital enlarged, with Chaudière-Appalaches and even all of eastern Quebec.”

The supporters of the motorway tunnel between Quebec city and Levis have gone a step further in the beginning of the week. Ms. Guilbault has been added to the committee of ministers for the economic recovery of post-confinement.

The Locomotive of recovery

“I am here as the vice-first minister, but I also associate my presence on this committee, my responsibility for the National Capital,” she says. It crystallizes the importance of the region in the future recovery. If there are interesting projects in the National Capital to carry out or enforce, this will be the forum in any designated.”

According to the minister Guilbault, Quebec and the surrounding area have “everything in hand to have a recovery promising and even become a locomotive for the recovery of provincial”. The quality of life is the most attractive of the region, assesses it.

For this territory extending from Portneuf to Charlevoix and Mrs. Guilbault includes Levis, the third link is part of its “regional vision for expanded and inclusive”, she says.

“There are properties that are necessary of themselves. The third link is our big project, our big project. The first shovelful of earth in the first term? Yes, we are working to meet this commitment-there ”

Geneviève Guilbault

A connection interrives in transit is also obvious to the minister. Just like the idea of then joining “of all the suburbs : Boischatel, L’ange-Gardien, ultimately, the MRC de la Jacques-Cartier, the top Val-Bélair, climbing up to Lac-Saint-Charles, go to the west too!

“We have two links this time, but it is almost like one, just because they are in the same place. The Pierre-Laporte bridge sometimes need to be closed and the Quebec bridge is old. Safe, but old!” justifies Ms. Guilbault.

Port and local purchase

The project Laurentia of a new container terminal at the port of Quebec also takes a lot of importance in his eyes.

The COVID will accelerate over the course of a regional platform for local purchase. One place virtual to find all of the products manufactured in the region. This will be linked to the Basket provincial blue.

Finally, the one who has rented a chalet in Portneuf for summer holidays, boasts a maximum of the local tourism industry. Companies accommodation and food are the most affected by the crisis. Olivier Bossé


Geneviève Guilbault note that “the people wear very little to cover face, to Quebec. Except maybe a little at the grocery store and the shopping centre,” says the vice-prime minister, minister of public Safety and minister responsible for the Capitale-Nationale region.

It pleads for a more widespread use of the covers, face, without, however, speak of the obligation. “It is a prevention tool very simple, inexpensive and that can just assist us. If there is no second wave, we say that it has worn a mask for nothing? Yeah! But it is not serious, it takes nothing away from anyone!

“I don’t see what could be the brake wear a cover-face, mused she aloud. If not maybe a little discomfort, a little discomfort. We don’t dare. We arrive somewhere and no one has, this is what must be overcome before any. It may be that people don’t see a need because they have the impression that it is not really at risk.

“But to the extent that a second wave may occur, it is everywhere in the world, there is no reason that Quebec is the exception. Once you are aware that there is a risk, what might be the brake, otherwise an affectation ill-placed,” she says. Olivier Bossé

Le Soleil

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